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Tutorial is the tutorial level of Pizza Tower that teaches the player the main actions of Peppino or The Noise.

It takes place in a strange plane full of pizza, and introduces the controls for moves that the player can perform, the basic mechanics of the game, and also introduces Pizza Granny.

The level layout changes depending on whether the player is playing as Peppino or The Noise in order to accommodate for their different movesets.






At the end of the second room.


At the end of the fourth room.


At the end of the sixth room.


At the end of the eighth room.


In the final room.


  • This level does not give any progression other than unlocking access to the main part of the Pizza Tower - Toppins do not grant cash, no rank can be gained and no score is given.
  • Earlier versions of Tutorial were entirely different. They did not include detailed move descriptions by Pizza Granny, their layouts were different, and they took place inside a restaurant-like building.
    • There is also an unused room that would've taught the player how to do a high jump from Early Test Build. This room was never used.
    • From Demo 1 to January 2019 Patreon Build, when entering the tower, the player falls into a trap that sends them to the Tutorial.
  • In order to gain access to every Lap 2 portal immediately, the player has to beat the tutorial in under 2 minutes.


Hub assets


Peppino moveset sprites

Sprites that are shown when playing the Tutorial as Peppino.

Noise moveset sprites

Sprites that are shown when playing the Tutorial as The Noise.

Scrapped sprites