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Tribe Cheese is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Tribe Cheese is a big Cheeseslime-like creature with pepperonis on his cheeks and an oregano leaf on top of his head.


Tribe Cheese oozes around, briefly stopping to throw an axe in an arc when spotting the player.

If a totem pole is around, he dances around it, which causes Totem Clouds to appear nearby that strike lightning periodically.

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  • He, alongside Forknight, can be controlled with the Ghost Transformation to solve puzzles in Rework Build.
  • In earlier Patreon builds, when a Tribe Cheese was right in front of the player, he would briefly display the shocked look, before jumping over the player's head and landing on the other side.
    • In later builds, Tribe Cheese was instead able to jump over any wall that is 3 tiles high at most.
  • Along with the Bandito Chicken, U.F.Olive, Pizza Slug, and Shrimp Thug, the Tribe Cheese is one of only five enemies to keep their Heat Meter behavior. In the case of Tribe Cheese, his axe projectile was originally used for his Heat Meter attack.
  • Tribe Cheese used to have a different behaviour. Instead of throwing an axe, he would hold a pizza cutter and jump towards the player. The behaviour was reworked in the Eggplant Build.
    • According to the Pizza Tower Design Document, he was originally intended to be able to throw his pizza slicer like a boomerang when the player approaches him.
  • Tribe Cheese is called Indian Cheese in the game files.
  • Tribe Cheese plays a sound effect while dancing by a totem pole.


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