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Transformations are special abilities and moves given to the player in Pizza Tower upon certain interactions with enemies and objects. Most transformations can be used to destroy Stupid Rats and are cured by interacting with a Priest, taking damage, getting into the Secret Eye, or interacting with a Dash Pad; the only exceptions are the Shotgun (Metal Detector), Revolver (Pizzaface/Pizzahead's Phase Transition), and Pepper Pizza (Free Milk Stand).


Appears in: Pizzascape

Gained from: Grabbing a sword

Cured by: Interacting with a Priest

The player wears super heavy knight armor, causing enemies to be crushed when jumping on them. He gains the ability to double jump and also ground pound using the sword from the Sword Stone. Upon touching a slope or a staircase, they will slide down it at high speeds, defeating any enemies and breaking any blocks in his path. While sliding, they retain the ability to jump and can cancel the slide using the ground pound. If Peppino hits a wall while sliding, his slide will end; as for The Noise, he will instead bounce and change direction. This transformation can only destroy Stupid Rats while sliding.


Appears in: Pizzascape, Ancient Cheese, Bloodsauce Dungeon, GOLF, Peppibot Factory, Pizzascare, The Crumbling Tower of Pizza, & Tricky Treat

Gained from: Getting kicked by a Pepperoni Goblin, Goblinbot, or Pepperoni Goblin Bat or thrown by a Big Cheese

Cured by: Hitting a wall or taking damage The player will roll like a ball, smashing everything in his way except for Metal Blocks. While in this form, theye can't do anything except jump, and only regains control after hitting a wall. The speed at which they roll can be adjusted using directional input.


Appears in: Bloodsauce Dungeon, Fun Farm, Deep-Dish 9, & The Crumbling Tower of Pizza

Gained from: Touching a pool of Boiling Sauce or Peasanto's torch

Cured by: Wears off automatically or touching a priest.

The player will be launched high upwards and scream as their rear burns until landing on solid ground. Touching any enemies in this state will instantly defeat them. The player can still move left or right slightly while jumping.


Appears in: Oregano Desert

Gained from: Eating one of a Kentucky Kenny's spicy chicken wings

Cured by: Interacting with a Priest, getting kicked by a cow, or taking damage

After eating a chicken wing, the player's mouth burst into flames. They lose the ability to grab in exchange for a dash attack, and their movement and jumps become more loose and slippery. Touching any enemy will instantly defeat them, and TNT Blocks will explode upon contact. The Noise's jump is more floaty compared to Peppino.


Appears in: Wasteyard & Tricky Treat

Gained from: Coming into contact with a Mushroom Ghost

Cured by: Interacting with a Priest or entering a Secret Eye

The player becomes a ghost and can fly freely. They becomes invincible and may pass through Cheese Graters. In this form, they move slowly by default, but can become faster by collecting Ghost Peppers. After collecting one Ghost Pepper, enemies will be defeated upon touch while dashing, and Breakable Blocks will be destroyed. Collecting three will reach the maximum speed and allow the player to destroy Ghost Blocks. Peppino will automatically dash, while The Noise must press the grab button to dash manually.


Appears in: Fun Farm

Gained from: Picking up Mort

Cured by: Interacting with a Priest, taking damage, entering a Secret Eye, entering Firebutt transformation, or falling into a bottomless pit

Mort the Chicken perches on top of Peppino's head. With Mort, Peppino gains the ability to double jump, can perform a smack attack in 3 different directions, and can hook onto Mort Hooks for extra height. The Noise throws Mort forwards like a boomerang instead of using a smack attack.

Weenie Mount

Appears in: Fast Food Saloon & The Crumbling Tower of Pizza

Gained from: Mounting a weenie mount or killing the (scrapped) enemy Camembert Squire

Cured by: Dismounting a weenie mount or interacting with a Priest (unseen normally)

Peppino or The Noise mounts a Weenie, and is allowed to run around freely at high speeds, defeating any enemies in his way. In this state, he can't get damaged upon contact with an enemy. Jumping in this state will cause the player to enter a long jump but will also make them dismount the weenie.


Appears in: The Vigilante's Boss Fight & Pizzahead's Boss Fight

Gained from: Interacting with a gun crate during a boss fight.

Cured by: Phase transition (Pizzahead/Pizzaface boss fight only)

Peppino obtains a revolver. Pressing the grab button fires a bullet. This may be constantly fired, slowly dealing damage to a boss. Holding grab will charge up the revolver, firing a large bullet that deals 6 damage once the charge is complete. The Noise cannot use the revolver at all.


Appears in: Crust Cove

Gained from: Jumping into a barrel

Cured by: Interacting with a Priest or taking damage

Peppino or The Noise gets stuck in a barrel. He can walk around freely and perform a roll to defeat enemies and break blocks. The barrel will change directions if it hits a wall, and depending on the character, will be launched upwards upon contact with a slope (Peppino) or will start rolling up the wall upon contact with a slope. (The Noise)


Appears in: Deep-Dish 9, WAR, & The Crumbling Tower of Pizza

Gained from: Grabbing towards a rocket

Cured by: Hitting a wall, dismounting the rocket, taking damage, or interacting with a Priest (unseen normally)

Peppino is stuck to a rocket and propels forward until he crashes into a wall, causing the rocket to explode and Peppino to tumble down. He can slightly redirect the rocket up or down, and can turn around if he were touching the surface. When The Noise obtains this transformation, he eats the rocket whole and becomes the rocket himself. This transformation can be cancelled by hitting a wall or jumping.


Appears in: Oh Shit!

Gained from: Getting stuck in a Cheeseball

Cured by: Hitting a wall, transitioning into the Sticky Cheese transformation in the process, or interacting with a Priest (unseen normally)

Peppino gets stuck in a Cheeseball and will roll uncontrollably until he hits a wall, which ends the transformation and causes the Sticky Cheese transformation. In this form, the player has no control of Peppino and will be launched upwards upon contact with a slope. Hitting Super Side Springs bounces Peppino in the opposite direction.

Sticky Cheese

Appears in: Oh Shit!

Gained from: Ending the Cheeseball transformation

Cured by: Interacting with a Priest or taking damage

Peppino gets covered in sticky cheese, with pepperoni slices covering his eyes and green peppers covering his eyebrows and mustache. In this form, he is incredibly slow, but can cling to walls and jump off of them. He is also capable of defeating Stupid Rats simply by touching them. When The Noise obtains this transformation, the transformation is more of the "Sticky Rat" transformation.


Appears in: Peppibot Factory

Gained from: Getting crushed by a Box Stamper

Cured by: Interacting with a Priest, entering a Secret Eye or taking damage

When playing as Peppino, Peppino gets trapped in a pizza box. In this state, he will gradually gain speed while walking and is more slippery, but he is able to go through small gaps at a faster speed than crawling. It also grants him ability to flap ten times in the air before dropping to a solid surface. The grab attack is replaced by a spin attack, which can be extended by holding the grab button.

When Playing as The Noise, he gets flattened and turned into Mini Noise. He has the same moves as Peppino, but instead of flapping, he Flies Infinitely.

Pepper Pizza

Appears in: Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator

Gained from: Eating the "Satan's Choice" Pepper Pizza

Cured by: Interacting with a Free Milk Stand

Once picked up, Peppino will consume the pizza and his skin will turn fully red as he makes a maliciously triumphant pose. The player becomes invincible to all enemies and their attacks, able to defeat them by simply touching them. Pressing the jump button in midair will let the player spin and continuously fly upwards. This spin can break Frozen Blocks. This transformation cannot be removed by a Priest, but can be removed by a Free Milk Stand. This can stack with other transformations.


Appears in: Don't Make A Sound, WAR, & The Crumbling Tower of Pizza

Gained from: Interacting with a gun crate

Cured by: Passing by a Metal Detector

Peppino obtains a shotgun. Pressing the grab button fires a shot, which can destroy Target Blocks. This powerup cannot be removed by a Priest, but can be removed by a Metal Detector. Peppino is also able to enter other transformations while holding the Shotgun (except those that require a grab, like the Knight Sword), such as the Rocket and Animatronic transformation.


Appears in: Don't Make A Sound

Gained from: Being caught by a Toppin Monster

Cured by: Wears off automatically

Peppino is trapped inside an animatronic shell and loses a total of 60 Pizza Points, 10 points at a time, before breaking free automatically. His walking speed and jump height are greatly reduced, and he cannot perform a grab or dash. Upon gaining this transformation, any current combo will immediately end. When The Noise obtains this transformation, instead of becoming an animatronic, he dies. He cannot move whatsoever until he is replaced by a new Noise around 4 seconds later. The Noise does not lose Pizza Points while dead.


Appears in: Vacation Resort secret room

Gained from: Entering a Clown Tent

Cured by: Wears off automatically

Peppino becomes a clown and is forced to drive a clown car forward nonstop. While in the clown car, he can jump and climb up walls by either jumping on them, or by bumping onto them. The transformation ends after 10 seconds. The player can leave the room during the transformation by hitting the top of the right wall and continuously jumping to maneuver Peppino into the hole.

Super Noise

Appears in: Pizzaheads 3rd phase'

Gained from: Entering the third phase of the Pizzahead boss

Cured by: Ending the Pizzahead boss

This transformation replaces Raged Peppino in Pizzahead's 3rd phase, The Noise now has a white suit with a yellow cape and can throw multiple bombs at once, this is the only unique transformation with the Noise. After the battle, The Noise laughs maniacally and throws a Giant Noise Bomb, that kills Pizzaface and ends his transformation.


For cut transformations and scrapped ideas, see Transformations/Pre-release


  • Several of these transformations bear a striking resemblance to those in the Wario Land series, a major source of inspiration during Pizza Tower's development.
    • The Knight transformation functions similarly to Snowman Wario, with some resemblance to Fat Wario as well.
    • The Bomb transformation was likely based on Flaming Wario. Early Test Build even had its music play when activated.
    • The Ghost transformation is similar to Bat Wario from Wario Land 4, and Vampire Wario's bat form from Wario Land 3.
      • Alongside this, The Noise's ghost transformation bares a striking resemblance to the Boos from most Super Mario games.
    • The Barrel transformation was initially similar to Snowman Wario, but its final version is very different.
    • The Cheeseball transformation is similar to Frozen Wario and Ball o' String Wario.
    • Peppino's Boxed transformation is visually similar to Flat Wario, but is closer to Tiny Wario from Wario Land II in terms of function.
      • The Noise under this transformation appears to be conceptually identical to Tiny Wario.
    • The Sticky Cheese transformation is similar to Zombie Wario.
    • The Ball transformation is not based on a transformation, but rather Wario's Roll move from Wario Land 4.
      • In addition, Peppino's super jump functions similarly to both Flat Wario and Spring Wario, for aiming the jump and launching into the air respectively.
  • The Barrel transformation was the first transformation made for the game.
  • The Shotgun's hud animation appears to be a nod to Duke Nukem. This is more apparent in Patreon builds pre-dating April 2021, where upon picking up either the Shotgun or Chaingun (Peppino and The Noise respectively), Peppino can be seen in the TV quoting the Duke Nukem meme Dick Kickem.
  • The Revolver ability was inspired by Donald Duck's gun in the game Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow.
  • In Sticky Cheese form, Peppino's pepperoni eyes and green pepper facial hair cause him to resemble Pizzaface.
  • When obtaining the knight transformation as Noise, the spaghetti seen before being struck by lightning will also get palette swapped due to an oversight.