Totem Cloud

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The Totem Cloud is an enemy in Pizza Tower.

Totem is an object tied directly with Totem Clouds in Pizza Tower.


The Totem Cloud is a thundercloud with eyes with a bunch of oregano leafs on top.

It's Totem has the same face, although bearing a much closer resemblance to a Tribe Cheese. It is wooden and cylindrical.


The Totem Cloud fires down lightnings every few seconds that hurt the player. It is summoned by Tribe Cheese that dance around totems. If the Tribe Cheese are defeated or is scared, the Totem Cloud disappears. It may reappear if a Tribe Cheese starts dancing around the totem again.

Chef Tasks

These assets are tied with the following Chef Task:

Peppino's Rain Dance
Reactivate a totem by dancing with the mach dash in Oregano Desert.


Regular animations

In-game Miscellaneous

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