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In the older builds, the pause screen showed what Toppins were collected, and which ones needed to be saved. They also weren't trapped in cages, but instead found around the level on their own. Later they were put in pizza boxes, which previously held complete pizzas.

In the very first builds, Toppins would get goggles when the player goes underwater.

In older demos, Toppins could be fed to Pillar John. After feeding it enough Toppins, he will let you pass through. Pillar John now activates Pizza Time upon defeat instead, and as such, the purpose of the Toppins was changed as well. They also used panicking animation for getting fed or running away after the player gets hit while the Toppins are following them.


  • Originally, Toppins were used in boss fights to transform into Toppin Warriors to help the player; however, that idea, as well as the Toppin Warriors themselves, are currently unused.
  • In early demos the pizza boxes contained pizza instead of the Toppins.
  • The Sausage Toppin was originally red in early demos, but was changed to be brown because people thought it looked like ketchup or something else. It also may be to contrast itself from the Tomato Toppin, which is already red.
  • In Peppino's Xmas Break, the Toppins have exclusive sprites made by wazzuper25. Each Toppin is Christmas-themed, with the Mushroom Toppin being replaced with a Tree, the Cheese Toppin being replaced by a Gift, the Tomato Toppin being replaced by a Snowball, the Sausage Toppin being replaced by Ham, and the Pineapple Toppin being replaced by a Candy Cane.
    • For unknown reasons, the Snowball's Toppin's collection animation does not exist in-game. Instead, their running animation is used.
  • In a March 22nd, 2018 video, when the player gets hurt, The Toppins will start running away until the player collects them. This might be a reference to Super Mario World, as when the player mounts Yoshi and gets hurt, Yoshi will run away while crying.


Old Mushroom & Tree Toppin animations

Old Cheese & Present Toppin animations

Old Tomato & Snowball Toppin animations

Old Sausage & Ham Toppin animations

Old Pineapple & Candy Cane Toppin animations