Toppin Warriors

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Toppin Warriors are unused characters in Pizza Tower.


The Toppin Warriors look like the Toppins, but have full bodies instead of just legs. The Mushroom, Cheese, Tomato, and Sausage Toppin Warriors all have muscular human-like bodies, while the Pineapple Toppin Warrior has the body of a dog. All five Toppin Warriors wear a Power Rangers-esque outfit with visors, gloves and boots.


They follow the player during a boss battle. They can be obtained at the start of a boss level, totaling up to 5 following Peppino, however each can only be obtained if all of the Toppins in the previous levels of the world that the Toppin Warrior is based on were collected.

The Toppin Warriors can be used to extend the timer in a boss level by taking the hit for the player if they get hit by Pizzaface, who appears if the player runs out of time in a boss level. However, to possibly combat Pizzaface not being able to reach the player with the Toppin Warriors, the one who extended the timer gets killed and tossed off the screen. A total of 5 minutes can be added before all the warriors are killed off.


If the taunt button is pressed, the Toppin Warriors will each strike a pose along with the player, though this does not affect a taunt-attack. 


  • If the player goes into a box of pizzas with the Toppin Warriors, they'll appear in the next room floating in the air for a brief moment before teleporting behind the player. This is likely a bug.
  • Toppin Warriors had an unused ability. When the player presses the grab button, the Toppin Warrior at the front of the line could be fired, destroying blocks and killing enemies.


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