Timed Gate

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Timed Gate is an object in Pizza Tower.


Timed Gate is vertical boiled orange sauce.

Time Button is a red button with a face on it.


When the Time Button is pushed, the Timed Gate opens up and a timer starts, in the form of a pizza inside a gold stopwatch, with slices that steadily deplete over time. This timer sprite is shared with the Gnome Pizzas.

After the timer ends, Timed Gate closes. The Timed Gate can only be walked through while open. By pressing Time Button again while timer is up, it will reset.


  • Originally, Timed Gate would hurt the player upon touch. It did not have solid collisions, meaning the player could walk through it using invincibility frames from getting hurt.

Chef Tasks

This object (Time Button) is tied with the following Chef Task:

Already Pressed
Activate each button only once in Fastfood Saloon.


Regular animations