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Main Abilities

The Vigilante was originally planned as a third playable character; however, that idea has been scrapped due to being announced too early and overscoped in work. Unlike the other playable characters, The Vigilante had a health system and was unable to use any transformations besides the Ball transformation.


The Vigilante grows boots and starts running. Like Peppino, The Vigilante can run up walls when reaching Mach 2 or higher and can also use the rolling and diving moves. However, he cannot ram into any blocks and is forced to use other methods to break them instead.

Dynamite Throw

By pressing the shoot key, The Vigilante grows a hand and throws a stick of dynamite that explodes after a short period of time. The dynamite can notably break metal blocks, with it being the only way he can do so. It can also break bomb blocks as a way for him to get through levels featuring said obstacle, due to the fact that he can't use the Bomb transformation.

Holding down and pressing the shoot key will cause him to throw the stick of dynamite right next to him.


If The Vigilante touches a stick of dynamite he throws out, it will explode and he will jump very high, similarly to a super jump. However, unlike a normal super jump, The Vigilante has more horizontal control when using it and the move doesn't infinitely go upwards, with there being a set distance. If he runs into his dynamite while running at higher machs, he will get a much bigger jump from it.


Instead of a grab, pressing the grab button will cause The Vigilante to grow a hand and be able shoot bullets from his gun at enemies, similarly to Peppino's gun in the GOLF demo. He can shoot both while grounded and in the air. The bullets shot from the gun can break most basic blocks, besides the metal blocks, but it can also notably break target blocks as well.

Holding the grab key will cause Vigilante to prepare his gun, leaving him motionless unless the key is let go.

Ground Pound

Like the other two playable characters, The Vigilante can ground pound, but instead of using his body to slam down onto the ground, he grows a hand and punches straight downward with his fist.


Grabbing any type of Pizza Points will heal a certain amount of The Vigilante's HP, with bigger collectibles healing more HP, while smaller ones heal only a small amount of HP.


The Vigilante can taunt like the other two playable characters, but he will look very angry at the player for making him do so. Because of this, he cannot super taunt, meaning he is unable to screen wipe with a taunt.

Slide Kick (Unused in playable build)

The Vigilante's equivalent to Peppino and The Noise's slide attacks, where he kicks forward with his boots, can only be done during a dash.


  • The Vigilante used Pesto Anchovi as his escape theme, and The Noise's Jam Packed Anthem plays during the John Gutter stage as placeholders until his real escape theme and John Gutter themes are completed.
  • When the player is playing as the Vigilante, all Pizza Points change to pepperonis. This is simply meant as a placeholder for the collectibles he collects.
  • The Vigilante is very unstable in co-op mode. As he doesn't have his code fully finished and is missing some sprites, various bugs can occur, like his HUD icon staying in the same spot no matter who gets control over the camera/flag or crashing the game, so it's not recommended to use Vigilante in co-op in the April 2021 Build.
  • The player can softlock themselves by rolling into a Breakable Block.
  • If the player switches to Vigilante while Peppino or Noise hold a weapon, the Vigilante will bug out and use Peppino's sprites. Pressing Shoot will cause the Vigilante to softlock, forcing the player to restart the level.
  • When a timed gate timer is on the screen, Vigilante's health counter also goes red.
  • In builds after westernbuildv2, Vigilante is very glitchy.
  • In one of earlier versions of the boss fight, Peppino did not have a gun; instead The Vigilante's gun would overheat, giving an opportunity for the player to attack. Then he would kick back the player. He also had an attack where he summoned a giant army of cows, that the player had to avoid by climbing on Flying Ladders.
  • A unique song known as "For A Few Toppings More" was composed for The Vigilante's reveal trailer, and has not been used or seen anywhere since.
    • This song could be an early version of what his Entrance theme may have been.





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