Swedish Monkey

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Swedish Monkey is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Swedish Monkey is a brown-furred peach-skinned monkey with a brown moustache, a light blue belt with a yellow buckle, and a small light blue Viking helmet with horns. His hands and feet are rather large, and he is often seen holding a yellow peeled banana.


Swedish Monkey walks around, occasionally throwing Banana Peels.

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  • The concept of Swedish Monkey was inspired by a kind of Swedish pizza with bananas as a topping.
  • This enemy, along with Tribe Cheese, Pickle, Noise Goblin, Shrimp Thug have 8 frames for their scared animation.
  • The Swedish Monkey's defeat sprite is a reference to Donkey Kong's hurt animation from the Donkey Kong Country series of games.
  • Swedish Monkey's Heat Meter attack was that he would throw evil bananas, that would hurt the player instead of making them slip.
  • Originally, the banana made the player slide uncontrollably, similar to the unused Ice Blocks.


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