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Stupid Rats are characters in Pizza Tower.


Stupid Rats are stupid-looking, rotund, giant ceil-colored rats, with eyes looking at different directions. Its small version is the same, except for being square-shaped.

Pin Stupid Rats are similiar, but shaped like bowling pins with two pink stripes. These also have a small variant.


Stupid Rats block the way at certain parts in a level, and can only be defeated using transformations and projectiles (though not all of them work). Despite being more of a level asset, it adds to combos, similarly to enemies. Pin stupid rats can be destroyed with the ball transformation (unlike regular ones). Bumping into a Stupid Rat while grabbing or running will make the player slightly bounce off. All Stupid Rats also make a quiet sniffing sound.

Appears in

Chef Tasks

This character is tied with the following Chef Task:

Kill a rat using a bomb dropped by an enemy in Ancient Cheese.


  • Before the Rework Build, Stupid Rat had a different function. It would block the path until the player delivers pizza to a gnome.
    • Stupid Rats replaced all of the transformation specific blocks in the Rework Build.
    • In the Rework build, there were still some Stupid Rats which would function that way. These were removed in the Eggplant Build.
  • There were supposed to be more counterparts corresponding to specific transformations, but they go unused.
  • Bowling Pin Rats are called "obj_rattumble_big" In the files.
  • Before the final game, Stupid Rats did not have a bumping anmation and would act as a solid block instead of making the player bounce off.
  • Stupid Rats have a similar function to Prince Froggy from Wario Land 3.
  • Stupid Rat appears playable in a DOOM mod called "Bring Your Own Class", spitting up projectiles and using various objects like cheese and Rat Balloons to fight demons.
  • When getting caught by Pizzaface as Gustavo & Brick, Brick's defeat animation has Stupid rat's defeat sprite used.
  • Despite Pin Stupid Rats being designed only for ball transformation, they can be killed with a few other transformations such as Mort Transformation, Barrel Transformation (only on contact), and Boxed Transformation.
  • This is the only enemy/level asset to have an official plush on Fangamer.


Regular animations

Pizzahead's attack

In-game Miscellaneous


Scrapped animations



Audio Description Additional notes
The rat sniffing (for the normal rat AND the bowling pin rat)
Normal Rat death sound This sound plays multiple times.
This sound plays at the same time as the above sound.
Bowling pin rat death