Snick's Challenge

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Snick's Challenge is the fourth level in the SAGE 2019 Demo of Pizza Tower.

It's a trek through all three previous levels: Pizzascape, The Ancient Cheese, and Bloodsauce Dungeon where the player must make it to the end in ten minutes while Snick.exe chases them (who is immortal and hurts upon contact). The player is unable to gain any Pizza Points, instead, they're given 10,000 at the start and slowly lose more as they progress or get hurt. The player can still enter the secret rooms, though their pizza points are missing as well. Tower Secret Treasures, and Toppins are also missing. Completion of Snick's Challenge will allow the player to play as Snick.


This level contains the following enemies:




Level's soundtrack:

ClascyJitto – Leaning Nightmare
ClascyJitto – Spooky Apartment Escape


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  • "SNICK IS COMING" and "LEANING NIGHTMARE" were originally composed as escape themes for a spooky apartment level and space level respectively, though were both scrapped and temporarily repurposed for Snick's Challenge.
  • The 5th secret in Pizzascape is the only secret that works normally, because the secret uses enemies for points.