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Secrets Of The World is a bonus level in Pizza Tower unlocked after the player finds every Secret Eye in every level, alongside Sound Test. It can be accessed by entering a Secret Eye that appears on every floor of the hub, and is located directly left to the Sound Test room.

The level is a gauntlet where the player must complete all of the secret rooms from other levels back-to-back in a randomized order. The game chooses a random order for these secrets. Being one of the three stages to lack Pillar John (the others being WAR and Tricky Treat), the player is given a unique timer of 25 seconds per room to complete it. The timer restarts after each completed secret. If the player fails to complete a secret within a given amount of time, they get an instant "Time's Up" screen and get booted out of the level.


This level contains the following enemies:




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  • Secrets Of The World does not add any percentage towards the save file and getting a P-rank on this stage is only an optional challenge that rewards nothing.
  • This level has the biggest S rank requirement out of all levels in the game.
  • The song for this level, "Secret Lockin'", uses two different tracks for the secret leitmotifs to represent certain stages. Specifically, "wudpecker"’s melody is used to represent Gnome Forest, while "Everybody Wanna Be a Secret", the actual secret theme for that level, uses "mmm yes put the tree on my pizza"'s melody. Similarly, "Way Of The Pig" is used for "The Pig City"'s melody, whereas the secret theme for that level, "A Secret In These Streets", uses "Bite The Crust" as its melody.
  • The title card for this level implies that Gustavo is an alien, which was mentioned in one of Pizza Granny's dialogues saying that "He seems a bit too friendly". However, this could be a reference to the common sci-fi trope of aliens kidnapping and replacing humans, such as used in Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
  • The secrets of Wasteyard (first), Fun Farm (third), Gnome Forest (third), Peppibot Factory (first), and Pizzascare (third) are the only ones without a Pizzasona.
  • It is possible to get "Whoop This!" Chef Task from Peppibot Factory at this level, if you don't take damage in the corresponding secret and haven't received it before.




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