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This article is about collectibles; for associated update and event see: Pumpkin Hunt

Pumpkins are special collectibles in Pizza Tower. They are jack-o'-lanterns found around levels during the Pumpkin Hunt event.


After completing the game, one pumpkin will appear per level, excluding bosses, Tutorial, and Secrets of The World. They may be mounted on floors, walls, and ceilings. Pumpkins are invisible at a distance but play ambient music to alert the player of their presence. The ambient music lowers the volume of the level's normal background music. When a pumpkin is approached, it gradually becomes more visible and the ambient music becomes louder. Upon picking up the pumpkin, it will add towards the total count collected, and one will appear in Hub adjacent to the level gate. Pumpkins can be recollected, but recollected pumpkins do not add to the total count collected.

If a level is already completed, the player does not need to complete the level the pumpkin is in again to have it collected; the level can be exited and the pumpkin will still count towards the total count collected.

After collecting 20 pumpkins, a special pumpkin door in Tower Lobby will open, giving the player access to Tricky Treat, where they can get the remaining 10 pumpkins.

Each 5th pumpkin collected grants the player new clothes.



Audio Description
A quite humming tune that can be heard when getting near a Pumpkin.

Level locations

Tower Lobby

Name & Screenshot Description

John Gutter

Right before the super jump into the third section of the level, on top of a platform with two Cheeseslimes.


In the beginning of the room with the Tower Secret Treasure door, on the leftmost wall.

Ancient Cheese

In the room right after Pillar John, on the first ceiling.

Bloodsauce Dungeon

Below the third Secret Eye's enterance on the floor.

Western District

Name & Screenshot Description

Oregano Desert

During Pizza Time after the room with a Cow on a cliff. It is on the left where the entrance to the room is.


In a room with the second Secret Eye before the Priest, on the floor.

Fun Farm

During Pizza Time in a room with 4 Peasantos under the floor. It is on the ceiling above the second Peasanto.

Fastfood Saloon

During the second Horsey chase, in a tunnel under a platform after some Ventilators.

Vacation Resort

Name & Screenshot Description

Crust Cove

In the room after the first encounter with Captain Pizza Goblin, above the spot the player lands after they finish the Water Current segment.

Gnome Forest

In a room right before the second Gnome Pizza, next to the exit of the room under a platform.


In the Soda Course room, near the goal in a section with a big Pizza Topping and a Golf Demon.

Deep-Dish 9

Right after flying on the first Rocket, at the end of the room on the bottom of a platform.


Name & Screenshot Description

The Pig City

After switching to Gustavo and Brick section, it is on the left side in a pit with three Shrimp Thugs.

Peppibot Factory

When first using the Boxed transformation, it is on the bottom of the floor in the tall room filled with Weenies and their Elite variants.

Oh Shit!

After taking down Pillar John, on the right of the Cheeseslime on the platform with the Switch Block. It is on the ceiling.


After turning on the first Heater, on a platform above the entrance doorway.

Staff Only

Name & Screenshot Description


In the second room on the bottom of the platform with the first ramp.

Don't Make A Sound

In the lower section of the hallway during the second Sausage Toppin Monster chase, behind some Outlets.


On the right of the War Terminal in the first outside section.

The Crumbling Tower of Pizza

In the room after the Slum, it is under the ground after the second Grind Rail section.


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