Playtest (2021)

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Playtest, as the name implies, is a playtest build of Pizza Tower, compiled on February 26th, 2021.

Differences from Beach and Forest

  • The combo lasts longer than it used to. This is part of an experiment to see if you can keep your combo for an entire level. This idea was later reused in builds starting from Eggplant.
  • The title screen was changed into the version seen in the April 2021 and Rework builds.
  • The speed meter on the HUD was moved down.
  • The heat meter has been added back. Enemies gain new rage palettes with their rage attacks, and there are 4 levels of heat: Mild, Antsy, Mad, and Crazy. Sprites for those levels were made and used in "Thing of the end of the year" but were removed, preparing for a new heat meter. There is text for if heat is going up or down.
  • A level select was added, and you are teleported there after selecting a character.
  • Most of the levels from April 2021 have been added.
  • The Rocket transformation uses dash pad sprites as a placeholder.
  • In WAR, there is an unused turret enemy that uses placeholder sprites. The Pizza Soldier enemies use Cheeseslime sprites with knife sprites for their bullets as placeholders.
  • Don't Make A Sound has no backgrounds yet. The Pineapple Toppin Monster was originally supposed to be the Pineapple Toppin becoming a lanky Piraneapple-based monster.
  • Deep-Dish 9 has no tiles yet. City has no tiles either.
  • Gerome and his door have been added. Originally, you could only get Gerome during Pizza Time, while he is at the start of every level.
  • Oh Shit! has less backgrounds.
  • Peppino has a new revolver move.
  • Some enemies drop gas canisters. This was intended to be used for a pizza cutter chainsaw move as fuel. However, that had been scrapped recently.
  • Prototype versions of the bosses can be found with the debug console. Bosses were originally structured like boxing matches, and every round they would learn a new move.


World Level
World 1 John Gutter
The Ancient Cheese
Bloodsauce Dungeon
World 2 Oregano Desert
The Wasteyard
Fun Farm
World 3 Pineapple Beach
Gnome Forest
Kung Fu
World 4 Space
Mr. Stick
World 5 Factory
Kids Party
World Extras Dragon Lair
Exit Exit