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Pizzascare is the seventeenth level in Pizza Tower, and the first level of Staff Only. This level is a more horrific and harder version of Pizzascape, being a castle full of ghosts ruled by the Ghost King.

The level's titlecard shows one of the Exorcists fighting a ravenous Pizzard, while Peppino runs from a detailed Ghost King in the background. A Ghostknight is also seen sweeping up debris in the background.


This level contains the following enemies:






In the third room, directly in the way of the player.


In the fifth room, under the Pepperoni Goblin Bat.


In the sixth room, out in the open.


In the second Goblinbot room, directly where the player would naturally progress to.


During Pizza Time, two rooms after Pillar John, directly in the way of the player.

Tower Secret Treasure


During Pizza Time, in a room before returning to the main path, in his room, accessible through jumping up to the entrance from a platform, hidden via foreground object.


In the second room, in a hidden room to the right, accessible through destroying a row of Rat Pins via Goblinbot. This can be done before Pizza Time starts through backtracking after Ghost King appears. The Tower Secret Treasure is a chicken leg on a plate.

Secret Eyes

Secret Eye 1

In the second Goblinbot room, behind a Rat Pin.

This secret consists of multiple platforming challenges, that involve Ghost King, where the player is required to use Ball transformation to progress.

Secret Eye 2

During Pizza Time, in a room before returning to the main path, behind a Rat Pin, that can be destroyed through intentionally getting kicked by Pepperoni Goblin Bat.

This secret contains several rows of Grind Rails with Dash Pads.

Secret Eye 3

In the first room, in the ceiling, on top of the John Blocks.

In this secret, the player first needs to reach the Switch Block on the top, then go through newly opened passage, while defeating Ghostknights.

Pizza Tower Guy

Pizza Tower Guy

In the sixth room, on top of the second platform. The player must reach this area within a minute in order to see him. He disappears upon approach.


For early Noise's Hardoween version of the level, see the pre-release page here: Pizzascare/Pre-release

Chef Tasks

This level has the following Chef Tasks:

Cross To Bare
Kill thirty ghosts in Pizzascare.
Haunted Playground
Avoid getting hurt by the King Ghost's traps in Pizzascare.
Destroy every single skull block in Pizzascare.


Level's soundtrack:

Mr. Sauceman โ€“ There's A Bone In My Spaghetti!
ClascyJitto โ€“ hmmm look what u done did you found a secret :)


  • In this level, Gustavo during the escape sequence is replaced by Brick, that wears his clothes.
  • After version v1.0.594, Gustavo destroys a ramp near Tower Secret Treasure entrance.
  • This Level's Secret theme is shared with Pizzascape's.
  • Despite having a final name in the Noise's Hardoween, it was temporarily called Chateau in the PT_Eggplantv15 build.
  • This Level's titlecard theme is the same as Pizzascapes's, but the last note is out of tune.
  • This level used to be simply a harder version of Pizzascape, made for the Noise's Hardoween demo. The level got completely reworked in the Rework build.
  • In Peppino's Xmas Break Strongcold level, the last room is made in the Pizzascare style.


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