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Pizzascape is the second level in Pizza Tower, and the second level of the Tower Lobby.

It's a medieval castle with many knight suits and torches. Within it, a library and storage room are found. The level's titlecard shows Peppino posing heroically in his Knight form, while a tower and a thundercloud can be seen in the distance.


This level contains the following enemies:


Pizzascape is the first level of the game where Peppino undergoes transformations.




In the entrance room, with one-block tall Breakable Blocks barring the way.


In the room accessed immediately from the first door. It is on a platform adjacent to the first Knight transformation.


In the room where the player uses the Knight transformation for the second time, behind a Stupid Rat.


To the right of the door leading into the first library room, opposite of the Knight transformation. It's guarded by three Forknights.


Under the floor in the room with the Door that requires a Key.

Tower Secret Treasure


Gerome is located in the second gold room. He is sitting in the upper right side of the room, under two semisolid platforms.


Gerome's door is located in the room where the player hops over multiple pits with one Forknight and Pepperoni Goblin. Some toppings above the door on the right side of the hall indicate running up the wall to find the door above. The Tower's Secret Treasure present in the level is a plate of spaghetti.

Secret Eyes

Secret Eye 1

In the room with the second Knight transformation, next to the ladder on the left hidden behind a Stupid Rat. The Stupid Rat is hidden behind a part of a wall with a grin on its tile.

The player retains the Knight transformation inside this secret, and must use it to traverse across a series of platforms with various Pizza Points spread across them.

Secret Eye 2

In the room with the third Knight transformation, in front of a large ramp downward. A small ledge juts out of the wall on the right with a part of the wall looking like the head of a rat, hinting at the Stupid Rat hiding behind it.

This secret retains the Knight transformation, requiring the player to slide and double jump over large walls.

Secret Eye 3

During Pizza Time, in the room after the first Secret Eye, above a semi-solid platform. Above is a section initially blocked off by John Blocks that the player must superjump into in order to access the secret.

In this secret, respawning Pepperoni Goblins must kick Peppino forward to initiate the Ball transformation, bowling through two rat pins and hopping over small gaps to collect the items.

Pizza Tower Guy

Pizza Tower Guy

Located in the same room as the second Secret Eye, standing on the ledge of the platform that leads to the secret. The player must reach this area within a minute in order to see him. He disappears upon approach.

Chef Tasks

This level has the following Chef Tasks:

Shining Armor
Get to all the priests without bumping into a wall once in Pizzascape.
Parry ten Forknights in Pizzascape.
Kill another enemy while in the ball form in Pizzascape.


Level's soundtrack:

Mr. Sauceman – Hot Spaghetti
Mr. Sauceman - Cold Spaghetti
ClascyJitto – hmmm look what u done did you found a secret :)


  • Despite having its final name in SAGE 2019 Demo, it was temporarily called Medieval in PT_Eggplantv15 build.
  • Pizzascape's name may be a reference to the MMORPG Runescape.
  • In an older version of the SAGE 2019 Demo, Pizzascape had an escape time limit of 1:15. This was increased in a later update.
  • Pizzascape once had its own unique escape theme, known in the files as "Small Fruit, 5 PM". It was first seen in the files of the Early Test Build, and was heard in the unused Ancient Challenge in Demo 2. The idea of unique escape themes, however, was later removed from the game.
  • In the title card, Peppino's knight suit is different from the Knight Transformation Suit he gets in the actual level, which includes the left arm only having knight armor on the top and not the bottom.


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