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Notes: Some development assets are missing, some things could be rewritten as well. There is also the new sprites from the Noise Update, such as the TV and the ending of the fight.

Pizzahead is the overarching antagonist and true final boss of Pizza Tower. He is the true identity of Pizzaface.


Pizzahead is a tall and lean humanoid cheese pizza slice wearing a white shirt with a red bow tie, red cheeks, white gloves, blue overalls, brown shoes, and a big red nose. He also holds a brown smoking pipe in his idle animation. He doesn't appear to take anything seriously, and constantly wears a huge grin.

Personality-wise, Pizzahead is shown to be cheerful, unhinged, and comically villainous. He is lenient towards Peppino and takes delight at hurting him as comedically as possible. This is shown as he had broadcasted all of Peppino's suffering during his run throughout the tower and threatened to destroy his restaurant at the beginning.

Pizzaboy, a pizza mascot who appears throughout the tower in the form of cardboard cutouts and posters, bears a striking resemblance to Pizzahead. It's likely that he created the Pizza Boy mascot himself, basing them on his old self.

Boss Room

Following Pizzaface's defeat and transition into phase 2, the background shifts to be much more outlandish, with scrolling spirals, TVs displaying Pizzahead, the sky fading into purple, and the moon now bears his grinning face.

When Pizzaface's health is depleted, his face opens up to reveal Pizzahead within, on the toilet reading a newspaper. Pizzaface explodes, launching Pizzahead into the air. He lands head-first on the ground and Peppino screams in terror, while The Noise just points at him in confusion. Pizzahead gets up and laughs at him before continuing the fight.

When phase 3 starts, the background becomes much darker, with a raging storm raining down and the occasional lightning strike. The Pizzahead moon is now eclipsed.

Pizzahead lays on the ground and pretends to be defeated for a couple seconds, then spins back into a standing position, unharmed. He walks to the right edge of the screen and retrieves all of the previous bosses to fight the player character, gleefully laughing at them. When playing as Peppino, he'll scream at the top of his lungs, scaring the other bosses away as he lunges towards Pepperman.

When playing as The Noise, he'll instead only yawn at their return before powering up into Super Noise, blowing them all away as he charges towards Pepperman.

After defeating Pizzahead, the background returns to normal, an opening in the floor becomes accessible, and Pizzahead's head is lodged into the floor. In the ending for Peppino's campaign, he is seen beaten down alongside the remains of Pillar John. If the player has collected all of the Tower Secret Treasures, they will resurrect John into his true form and Pizzahead will once again spin back up unharmed, before receiving a well-deserved uppercut into the sky from John.

Boss Behavior

Phase 2

At the start of the Phase, Pizzahead will run to the right, pull up a pistol pickup, and throw it to the player. The player uses the pistol through the entirety of Phase 2. Afterwards, Pizzahead runs across to the other side of the tower, and reaches below to pull up one of 6 attacks. After taking 3 hits, a broken Pizzaface will spawn and start dropping cogs that roll towards the player.

Regular shots can take one of Pizzahead's HP in 22 shots.

For each attack Pizzahead will run to either side of the screen, before pulling the attack offscreen. Pizzahead won't deal contact damage to the player when running, but he will bounce them off when performing an attack. He will also speed up as the fight goes on, increasing the frequency of the attacks.

Tumbling Television

Pizzahead will gasp in delight before pulling up a TV, showing a terrified Peppino/Noise. The TV will bounce 3 times before shattering. As Pizzahead loses more health, the speed of the TV will increase.

Dynamite Drop

Pizzahead will pull out 5 sticks of dynamite and throw them in random spots.

Bullet Spray

Pizzahead will pull out a small blue Uzi, identical to the one used by The Vigilante, and shoot cheese bullets in several directions. During this attack, the safe spot is staying on the ground. Once out of ammo, Pizzahead will throw the Uzi, which can also deal damage.

Fork Spree

Pizzahead will pull up a small chunk of the tower still attached to a sword used for the Knight transformation, which launches up several Forknights. When these Forknights hit the ground, they die and throw up their forks, which can damage the player.

Rat Baseball

Pizzahead will put on baseball clothes and throw a Stupid Rat at the player. The Stupid Rat will bounce until it hits the wall, in which it then returns to Pizzahead. As Pizzahead loses more health, the amount of times the Stupid Rat will bounce on the ground increases.

A Picture

Pizzahead will pull up a pinup picture of himself in a bikini. He will look embarrassed, then quickly put the picture back down. This has no effect, and Pizzahead shortly pulls up another attack afterwards.

Phase 3

After dealing 8 points of damage, Pizzahead will recover from any damage done to him. He then pulls up the four previous bosses, and starts to laugh at the player character. The character will power up (Peppino through a loud, raging scream, and Noise through powering up into a Super form), scaring both Pizzahead and the other four previous bosses, causing The Vigilante, The Noise (or The Doise if playing as The Noise), and Fake Peppino to fly off-screen as a result. The character then charges at Pepperman and attacks him ruthlessly.

From this point, the player must go through a boss rush with the four previous bosses one by one. Whenever the character hits a boss, they will enter a special animation where they unleash a flurry of attacks; Peppino will pummel the boss, while The Noise unleashes a wild flurry of bombs. All hits do 4 points of damage instead of 1. The bosses use attacks spanning both phases in their original fights, with some exceptions. After defeating Pepperman, Gustavo will appear for the player to grab and throw him at the remaining 3 bosses to stun them. This is notably the only way to stun and deal damage to the Vigilante, though Gustavo is entirely optional for defeating the Noise and Fake Peppino.

If playing as The Noise, The Doise will appear in place of him. Notably, he is a dead corpse, awkwardly lingering on the stage after defeating The Vigilante for a few seconds before Fake Peppino takes over.

After defeating Fake Peppino, Pizzahead reappears to fight the player character once again, and uses 4 different attacks. He has 3 full HP bars, and requires 6 hits to defeat, with each hit reducing his vulnerability time. After each hit, he changes his attack pattern:

  • Somersault; Boxing Gloves
  • Somersault; Flyswatter
  • Somersault; Sumo Stomp
  • Somersault; Boxing Gloves; Flyswatter
  • Somersault; Sumo Stomp; Boxing Gloves
  • Somersault; Boxing Gloves; Flyswatter; Sumo Stomp


Pizzahead will jump over the character in an acrobatic way, dealing contact damage while in the air. This move is always used first in a pattern. It is important to note that this attack cannot be parried.

Boxing Gloves

Pizzahead will adorn a pair of Boxing gloves and will attempt to hit the character at close range.


Pizzahead gets out a flyswatter and will dash across the arena while swinging it around.

Sumo Stomp

Pizzahead's body will grow large, and he will stomp the ground with one foot. If the character is on the ground when Pizzahead stomps, they will be stunned and flung into the air, but will not take damage.

Pizzahead's Defeat

Depending on the character being played, depleting Pizzahead's health fully by hitting him 6 times will play a special animation.

  • Peppino then does a relentless beatdown on Pizzahead. During this, they slowly rise up into the air, and once they are high enough, Peppino piledrives Pizzahead back into the tower, leaving Pizzahead lodged upside down with his head stuck inside the tower.
  • Noise pulls out a gigantic bomb, creating a huge explosion visible from the distance as Pizzahead looks on in terror. Much like Peppino's attack, Pizzahead is stuck upside down in the tower, although with his body black and charred.


This section is dedicated to trivia and miscellaneous information about Pizzahead.
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  • Given that Pizzahead and Pizzaface attack Peppino separately during phase 2 of the boss fight, it's possible that Pizzaface is a separate entity from Pizzahead, rather than just being a machine piloted by him. This is also supported by the fact that when Pizzahead is revealed at the start of phase 2, he doesn't appear to have been paying attention to the fight or controlling Pizzaface at all, instead sitting on the toilet and reading a newspaper nonchalantly.
    • However, the fact that in phase two Pizzaface drops cogs and spews smoke seems to confirm he is at least mechanical.
  • According to the concept art, Pizzahead has a bunch of attacks that were left on the cutting room floor:
    • One attack had Pizzahead pull up a bomb and carry it. If Peppino tried to attack Pizzahead while he had the bomb, Pizzahead would quickly give Peppino the bomb and run away, likely giving Peppino the now-scrapped bomb transformation.
    • Pizzahead's hand would loop around and snatch up the Peppino head that used to sit in the old HUD. He would then throw the head and it would bounce across the floor. It was likely replaced with the TV attack to accommodate the current HUD.
    • Pizzahead pulls up Gustavo, and then throws him forward.
    • Pizzahead wears a musketeer hat and has a sword fight with Peppino in the knight transformation.
    • Instead of throwing the Stupid Rat, Pizzahead would quickly shove it into his mouth and regain some health.
  • Also according to the concept art, Phase 3 would originally have Pizzahead go crazy and drop all cartoonish props to attempt to fight Peppino with his fists. This phase was scrapped because McPig wanted to keep Pizzahead's image as a silly and strange character. Scrapped attacks from this phase include:
    • Pizzahead doing a spinning punch.
    • Pizzahead doing a spinning kick.
    • A move where Pizzahead dashes forward and then slams his fist on the ground.
    • A move where Pizzahead winds up and performs a kick that extends across the stage.
    • A move where Pizzahead slams his face onto the ground and starts running across the stage.
    • Pizzahead screaming at Peppino to "GET OUT", which he would've needed to crouch to avoid.
  • When Pizzahead pulls up a section of the tower, he does so by grabbing the sword used to activate the knight transformation, but it remains stuck in the rock. This is possibly referencing the legendary sword Excalibur, which is often depicted as being found stuck in a rock, and can only be pulled out by the divinely appointed king, in that case being King Arthur. This suggests Pizzahead is unworthy of wielding the sword, while Peppino is.
  • The SMG that Pizzahead uses seems to be based on a Skorpion Vz. 61, despite it being labeled as an IMI Uzi in the game's files.
  • Pizzahead makes an appearance as a modded character in Dr. Robotnik’s Ring Racers. At time of writing, he is not available to the public to download.
    • The reasoning for his inclusion is due to Ring Racers focusing on the antagonist of the Sonic games, Dr. Robotnik, thus leading to McPig adding the antagonist of Pizza Tower. He also just didn’t want to add Peppino, since he was already a modded character in Sonic Robo-Blast 2 Kart.


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