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Pizzaboy is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Pizzaboy is a stylized cardboard cutout of Pizzahead. He's drawn with a pair of black friendly eyes with thin eyebrows, a big red stretched nose, and a large red-cheeked smile. His limbs are beige, matching his crust, and his hands wear white cartoony gloves to match his white cartoony shoes he has on his feet. Due to him not being sentient, he is the only enemy that doesn't move, get scared and scream, or get stunned.


Pizzaboy does not do anything and does not count towards combos but only refreshes the timer. Pizzaboy respawns upon being killed and reentering the room.

Certain Pizzaboy cutouts are revealed to be Ninja Slices when the player gets too close, body slams the ground, or defeats them prematurely. These cutouts can be differentiated by taking note of their palette's reds (nose, cheeks, mouth) being another color.


Chef Tasks

This enemy is tied with the following Chef Task:

Can't Fool Me
Avoid killing any Pizzaboy cardboard in Oh Shit!



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