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Pizza Tower (Original Game Soundtrack) is a vinyl release of the Pizza Tower soundtrack, published by the record label and publisher Materia Collective. It was announced on Materia Collective's social medias on December 15th, 2023 with a planned release window of Q2 2024, and was officially released May 22nd, 2024. The album is split across two records and contains a curated selection of the game's soundtrack. It was also awarded for the Rhythm Heaven Award in the Vidya Gaem Awards on March 10th, 2024.


On the website, it is described as being a 180g 2xLP Vinyl Record, in a gatefold sleeve with artworks depicting popular characters in Pizza Tower. The front cover features Peppino, Gustavo, Brick, and a fly dressed up as a barbershop quartet. At the top it's labeled "Pizza Tower" while on the bottom it's labeled "Original Game Soundtrack". The inside depicts Fake Peppino looking in a mirror on one side, and Peppino's head over a pizza with the words "Pizza Tower" on the other. The back shows artwork of The Noise, Noisette, and tracklists. The buyer can choose between two versions of the record; a Pizza Splatter themed record, or a basic dark version.

Front of the Gatefolt. (provided from the Materia Collective site)
Back of the Gatefolt. (provided from the Materia Collective site)


Record A Side A

  1. Pizza Deluxe
  2. It's Pizza Time!
  3. Cold Spaghetti
  4. Put on a Show!
  5. The Death that I Deservioli
  6. Dungeon Freakshow

Record A Side B

  1. Pepperman Strikes!
  2. Oregano Mirage
  3. Tombstone Arizona
  4. Yeehaw Deliveryboy
  5. Wudpecker
  6. Good Eatin'
  7. Extraterrestrial Wahwahs

Record B Side A

  1. Pumpin' Hot Stuff
  2. Don't Preheat your Oven Because if you do the Song Won't Play
  3. Peppino's Sauce Machine
  4. Pizza Time Never Ends
  5. Thousand March
  6. Pizza Mayhem

Record B Side B

  1. Unexpectancy, Pt. 1
  2. Unexpectancy, Pt. 2
  3. Unexpectancy, Pt. 3
  4. Secret Hoppin' King's Mix
  5. Bye Bye There!


The following images are provided from the Materia Collective site.


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  • The vinyl's bonus song, King's Mix, is erroneously labeled as being 5:00 minutes long. The actual track length is around 3:35.