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Pizza Points are the main collectibles in Pizza Tower.


Regular Pizza Points pickups look like different types of pizza toppings: mushrooms, cheese, tomatoes, sausages and pineapples.

Pizza Time collectables are clocks and bells.


Pizza Points control the rank the player receives at the end of the level.

There are a few types of these collectibles:

  • Pizza Toppings/Clocks = 10 points
  • Big Pizza Toppings/Bells = 100 points
  • Pizzasonas = 150 points
  • Priest (1st Time, after transformation) = 500 points
  • Treasure = 3000
  • Toppins = 1000

Grabbing these collectibles aren't the only way to get points, however. There are also many other ways, including:

  • Breaking a big Pizza Block gives 100 points. Small Pizza Blocks give 10.
  • Breaking Asteroids gives 100 points.
  • Drinking free milk gives 1000 points.
  • Finishing a combo. The bigger the combo is when it is finished, the more points that are gained from it. Score earned from a combo is determined by the formula (x^2 * 0.25) + 10x. A calculator can be found here. The combo bar lasts about 6.7 seconds, and taking damage removes 2.5 seconds, while toppings add 1.1 seconds. The combo score is counted towards the shown rank even when in the middle of a combo.
  • Removing a transformation with a Priest gives 500 points (but only the first time for that Priest for that run).
  • Collecting a series of Flush cards of the same type in a room (gives points for each; Pizza cards give 50 points, Pizzaface cards give 100 points, and Bad Rat cards give 150 points).
  • Throwing Greaseball into a Hoop or jumping into it with Ball transformation, which gives 50 points.
  • Getting Primo Burg with Greaseball gives 400 points. Hot Dog (1-2 over par) gives 250, and Nice Nachos (3-5 over par) gives 100.
  • Entering Lap 2, which gives 3000 points.
  • Taunting at the exit door while holding a combo, which gives 25 points, up to 10 times total for 250 points (starting lap 2 doesn't reset this counter). Break-Dancing doesn't give any points.
  • Knocking over beer bottles, which gives 10 points.
  • Destroying the Mort Cube, which gives 100 points.
  • Collecting Rat Fairies, which gives 100 points.
  • Breaking Frozen Blocks gives 10 points.
  • Finishing a level with 0 points will automatically award 10 points when exiting the level.

It's also possible to lose points. When getting hit, the player loses 50 points.

During Pizza Time, the point system is also utilized to incentivize the player to hurry up. The player will lose 5 points for every second spent during Pizza Time until the level ends. More collectables also appear during Pizza Time. However instead of pizza toppings, these points look like clocks and bells. These pickups give 10 and 100 points respectively; however, they don't give any extra time during Pizza Time (a common misconception with new players).


For early appearances and scrapped ideas, see the pre-release page here: Pizza Points/Pre-release


  • In Crust Cove, inside banana boxes, there are exclusive Banana toppings.
  • In The Pig City, there are 20 exclusive Bacon toppings in one single room.
  • Before version v1.0.213, it was possible to finish a level with 0 points and not be awarded level completion towards the Tower Status. This was fixed by giving the player 10 points if they finished the level with 0 points.
  • In the version v1.0.594 Rat Fairies were added in Gnome Forest, that appear only in 2 rooms: big room before Jester's house and 3rd secret.


Pizza Toppings

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