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Peppino Clone is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Peppino Clone is a clone of Peppino that appears identical to him. Upon attacking or being stunned, its body deforms, and it melts upon being defeated. When attacking, it makes a croaking sound identical to that of a frog.


Peppino Clones usually come from an invisible enemy spawner that only spawn them offscreen. Peppino Clone tries to follow the player, being able to use Peppino's jump move. If he gets close to it, it will attempt to lick him. Peppino Clones cannot be scared.

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This section is dedicated to trivia and miscellaneous information about Peppino Clone.
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  • Unlike Fake Peppino, Peppino Clones do not mimic the player's clothes, instead wearing the default Classic Chef outfit. However, Peppino Clones used to have yellow clothes.
  • Peppino Clones, along with Fake Peppino, notably had yellow cheesy tongues in their pre-release appearances.
  • Peppino Clones are notably the only standard enemies in the full release with a defeat animation rather than a defeat sprite.
  • Peppino Clones walk slightly slower than the player.
  • In one of the backgrounds in WAR, there are test tubes with Peppino-like figures within them. This is a possible explanation as to where the Peppino Clones (and possibly Fake Peppino) came from.
  • Killing a Peppino Clone strangely seems to be inconsistent, sometimes adding towards the Combo, but other times instead only resetting the timer. This could be due to how Peppino Clones respawn when offscreen, only counting the first kill on them towards the combo, as killing respawned enemies will only reset the combo.
  • Peppino Clones have been theorized to be a combination of Peppino's and Frog's DNA, due to the Peppino Clones making frog-like sounds. This theory also applies to Fake Peppino.
  • Peppino Clones might be a nod to the Player Clone enemies that appear near the end of the NEO-GEO/Arcade game Metal Slug 3.
    • Both:
      • Appear (near) identical to the player character
      • Attack the player in large hordes
      • Move and jump around quick and erratically
      • Melt into puddles upon defeat
      • Have no innate touch-damage
      • Appear in a setting that is war-themed and gun-focused, making the reason why the Clones only show up in WAR specifically as to reference Metal Slug more plausible
  • Peppino Clones were also planned to appear in a remade version of Mansion before it was removed from the game as a level.
  • There were once plans for an elite version of the Peppino Clone, where it would use the Pepper Pizza pallete, and it could grab the player, doing the attack that Peppino is able to do when holding an enemy by pressing X on the keyboard.
  • In the Rework build, Peppino Clones had no unique animations and re-used Peppino and Fake Peppino's animations.


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