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Peppibot Factory is the fourteenth level in Pizza Tower, and the second level of the Slum.

The first section of the level takes place in an industrial cityscape featuring a humongous factory where many enemies on work and other facilities can be seen in the background. Then it transitions inside said factory, where many factory-themed gimmicks are introduced, and then finally taking place inside the factory's production room, where pizzas can be seen being produced by a Peppibot head and a Box Stamper.

The level's titlecard shows a highly detailed Peppino in the factory wearing a metallic version of his normal outfit, while he anxiously hides behind a wall from a Peppibot armed with a knife.


This level contains the following enemies:






In the second room, after super jumping onto the platform, on the path to the left.


In the first room of the factory section, near the exit, on the path to the left.


In the exit out of the second room of the factory section, out in the open.


In the huge conveyor belt room, out in the open.


During Pizza Time, in the factory section, on top of a platform, reachable with a Grabbie Hand.

Tower Secret Treasure


In the second room of the factory section, behind a Metal Block.


In the second room, during Pizza Time, in the newly opened path. The Tower Secret Treasure is a hot dog.

Secret Eyes

Secret Eye 1

In the second room, near the exit out of it, inside a wall on the right.

This secret consists of several Elite Weenies walking up to the Outlets, spawning "Whoop" cans as a result. The player can leave the secret at any time.

Secret Eye 2

In the second room of the factory section, near Gerome, inside several Breakable Blocks, surrounded by Grabbie Hand]]s.

In this secret, the exit is blocked off by a Stupid Rat, which requires a Bomb to be destroyed, that can be lifted up by a Grabbie Hand.

Secret Eye 3

During Pizza time, in the first Boxed transformation room, in a secret room, accessible through a Fake Wall behind a Priest on the right side of the room.

This secret retains the Boxed transformation, and the player is required to destroy several rows of Stupid Rats to progress.

Pizza Tower Guy

Pizza Tower Guy

In the second room of the factory section, next to a wall on the left.

Chef Tasks

This level has the following Chef Tasks:

Remove the boxxed form from each priest at least once in Peppibot Factory.
Whoop This!
Avoid getting damaged in the first secret of Peppibot Factory.
There Can Be Only One
Destroy every Peppino robot in Peppibot Factory.


Level's soundtrack:

Mr. Sauceman – Pizza Engineer
Mr. Sauceman – Peppino's Sauce Machine
ClascyJitto – An Industry Secret


For the old version of the level, see this page: Factory


  • This level was at first titled Factory in Demo 2, then temporarily titled Industrial in PT_Eggplantv15 before getting its final name.
  • Originally, Peppibot Factory had its own unique escape theme known as "Running With Pockets Full Of Meatballs". This track was used in Demo 2, specifically in the Factory Challenge level, but was not implemented into the final game, as "It's Pizza Time!" became the universal escape theme. Other unique escape themes that were scrapped are "Small Fruit, 5 PM" for Pizzascape, and "Toxic Rave" for Oh Shit!.
  • The Peppibot carrying a knife in the title-card is a possible reference to its old enemy behavior, where it would spit out knives instead of performing moves similar to ones from Peppino's moveset.
  • The gate sprite's background matches an outdated version of Background #1, as seen by the sky and clouds being orange.
  • In Background #3, there's a door that references the old sprite of said object, as seen by the yellow circle in the center of it.




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