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Pepper Pizza is a transforming object in Pizza Tower.


Pepper Pizza is a slice of pizza with a green stem coming out of its crust and a pepper laying within its cheese. Flashing red sauce oozes out its sides as grey puffs of smoke are emitted due to its sheer heat.


When the player touches a Pepper Pizza, Peppino's face will become red and he'll be able to spin in the air which will allow him to destroy ice blocks. Player will also gain invincibility.

Playing as The Noise shares the same powers as Peppino's, however Noise has fire that surrounds him which defeats enemies on contact.

The transformation is removed by the Free Milk Stand, which is next to the Lap 2 Portal.


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  • Pepper Pizza was planned to appear in Deep-Dish 9, but was replaced with Rocket transformation. It was brought back in Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator as a new transformation.
  • Originally, Pepper Pizza transformation had a completely different effect as it would give the player automatic Mach 4 upon pressing the dash button. The effect would wear off after some time passed. It was never implemented in any of the builds, and was shown only in the Thing of the week 1 video.
  • In the Rework and Eggplant Build, instead of Pepper Pizza in Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator, the player will get a SUPER Jetpack which works similar to the Jetpack gimmick but you can use it any time similar to the Pepper Pizza Transformation, and it also uses a placeholder Noise jetpack sprite.
  • Pepper Pizza is currently the only transformation with a theme song, that being On The Rocks.
    • However, in past builds, the Knight Transformation actually had a musical theme of its own, as well.
  • The old version of the Pepper Pizza is first found in the files of Bossv0, the build that introduced the Dragon Lair.


Regular sprites

Pepper Peppino

Seen when using the transformation as Peppino.

Pepper Noise

Seen when using the transformation as The Noise.