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Optimisation Test is a build of Pizza Tower, released on March 22, 2019. This build was created as McPig started to make use of Game Maker Studio 2's new features to optimise the game. As such, this build is in a buggier state than usual.

Despite the file name, no further optimisation tests were released.


  • Peppino's Outfit color has been changed to the default yellow.
  • Peppino is now able to reach the Mach 4 speed state.
  • Lap 2 has been re-added back into the game functioning much like it does in the full release.
  • In addition to that every level received it's own Lap 2 Portal room usually located to the left of the entry gate, as well as having moved the Treasure to it's own room at the very end of a stage.


The level lineup is identical to March Build Part 1.


  • In the first room there is now a small semisolid platform next to the entrance door.
  • The amount of enemies in the fourth room has been reduced.
  • The fifth room had a strip of blocks removed near it's entry and a metal block placed at the top of the climbing segment. The wall at the end of said segment has also been removed.
  • All blocks with Pizza Points in them have been given the pizza block texture.


  • All Grind Rails have been removed from the level.
  • The first room has been opened up, removing many walls.
  • An additional path has been added in the key room, using the Knight Transformation to smash metal blocks beneath the player, making them quickly drop down to the bottom of the room.
  • The fourth room received some extra enemies.
  • The Knight Transformation has been removed from the sixth room.


  • The placement of the Mushroom Toppin has been lowered.
  • Changed Conveyor Belt placement, making the Cheese Toppin unreachable.
  • Removed the spike wall at the end of the fourth room.
  • Changed obstacle layout in the first escape only room.
  • Changed enemy placement.



  • The escape route in the second room has been simplified.
  • Room three has a slightly changed layout.
  • Going back through the Key door now puts you at the correct door.
  • Spike floor in last room was removed.





Minor Differences

  • There's debug information displayed on screen at all times. That includes:
    • The FPS display in the top left corner of the screen.
    • The bar at the top displaying CPU usage
    • When in a level, a counter next to Peppino's face in the HUD displaying how fast the player is moving.
  • The 'C' button also makes the player jump.
  • There are multiple keyboard keys that work as developer shortcuts:
    • F1 - Resets the game back to the title screen.
    • F2 - Switches The Noise's HUD head and moveset to that of Peppino (only works when playing as The Noise)
    • F3 - Switches Peppino's HUD head and moveset to that of The Noise.(only works when playing as Peppino)
    • Pressing 'X' while on the level select screen takes you to the treasure room of the level you had selected. Note: It only works on Desert and Mansion.


  • This build makes use of the features gained by switching from Game Maker Studio to Game Maker Studio 2, the main one being the composure of the level collision. It's now made out of resized blocks instead of 1x1 tiles.
  • If you look at the slopes, you can see bits of the collision blocks peeking out.
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