Oh Shit!

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Oh Shit! is the fifteenth level in Pizza Tower, and the third level of the Slum.

This level takes place in a gross, cheese-filled sewer. The first section has brick walls, with open pipes and toxic gas coming from the bottom. The second section takes places in another underground area, with various graffiti and pipes. The third section is an open area of the sewers filled with dirty water at the bottom and several brick walls around.

The level's titlecard shows Peppino and Gustavo in the sewers dressed in plumber outfits as Peppino frantically runs from a Mr. Pinch attempting to grab him from afar, while Gustavo is being engulfed by a Giant Slime which is oozing out of a pipe. A Ninja Slice can be seen from the green pipe.


This level contains the following enemies:


  • Cheeseball — initiated by getting inside one
  • Sticky Cheese — initiated by hitting a wall after obtaining Cheeseball transformation





In third room, next to a Sewer Pipe, out in the open.


In the fourth room, right next to a Switch Block, impossible to pass by.


In the sixth room, in the top section, accessible via a ladder, behind a Stupid Rat at the top, which can be destroyed with Sticky Cheese transformation.


Right next to a Switch Block during Pizza Time, directly where the player must go to progress.


During Pizza Time, in the Trash Pan sliding segment, out in the open.

Tower Secret Treasure


In the first room with the Trash Pans, near the exit, in his room, accessible through destroying a Fake Wall on the left.


During Pizza Time, in a vertical room with multiple Mr. Pinches, in its room, accessible through destroying a Fake Wall on the right. The Tower Secret Treasure is a nugget on a stick.

Secret Eyes

Secret Eye 1

In the third room, beneath Mushroom Toppin, in a Fake Wall to the right.

In this secret, the player needs to hop into the correct set of sewer pipes, otherwise they will be sent back to the first one. The correct path is indicated via Big Pizza Toppings.

Secret Eye 2

In the room with Pillar John, in an eye-marked Fake Wall on the opposite side of John.

In this secret, the player is being moved around via Cheeseball transformation and Mr. Pinches. This secret for the most part is automatic.

Secret Eye 3

During Pizza Time, during Trash Pan sliding segment, inside a Fake Wall on the far right, that the player needs to keep the lid to get to, however, The Noise can get to this secret way easier as he is able to skate on the water currents.

This secret consists of mainly a straight-forward path, where the player is required to use Trash Pans to progress.

Pizza Tower Guy

Pizza Tower Guy

In the fourth room, right next to a Switch Block. The player must reach this area within a minute in order to see him. He disappears upon approach.

Chef Tasks

This level has the following Chef Tasks:

Can't Fool Me
Avoid killing any pizzaboy cardboard in Oh Shit!
Food Clan
Kill ten ninjas by parrying them in Oh Shit!
Penny Pincher
Avoid getting grabbed by Mr Pinch during the escape sequence of Oh Shit!


This section is dedicated to trivia and miscellaneous information about Oh Shit!.
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  • Originally, this level had its own unique escape theme known as "Toxic Rave", similar to how "Running With Pockets Full Of Meatballs" and "Small Fruit, 5 PM" were escape themes for Peppibot Factory and Pizzascape respectively. Unlike the other two themes, Toxic Rave was not used for a Challenge Level.
  • In the third background image, one of the few pieces of graffiti art on the wall is a clear reference to the indie game Antonball Deluxe; The art (bottom left) depicts Peppino stylized as lead protagonist Anton (namely clad with his thick eyebrows, toothy grin, and bulbous nose) holding a Greaseball.
  • Another piece of graffiti art featured in the third image shows the Pickle enemy flexing its bicep inked with a "MOM" tattoo. This not only could just be a general gag at tough guy tattoos, but also a tongue-in-cheek reference to the acronym of the game Pickle derives from Memoirs of Magic.
  • This level was at first titled Sewer in March Patreon Build before getting its final name.
  • Crouching on top of any poop tile for 10 seconds grants the Shitty Cook outfit.
  • The title card appears to reference the commercial for the original arcade Mario Bros game.
    • This is even more evidenced by the fact that Peppino and Gustavo are both in plumber outfits, similar to that of Mario's suit.
  • The stink clouds used in the background for this level are reused from the fourth floor of the hub, which this level is found on.
  • In the Rework build, ending a level via the level select would spawn the player out of bounds in a broken version of Oh Shit!.
    • The player does not spawn out of bounds after restarting.
      • At one point, the player gets stuck and can no longer move.
    • There is a pipe that can be entered from out of bounds, which leads to a different part of the level.
      • In that part, the player has to use the cheeseball transformation to climb up walls without falling into water (wall climbing is limited in the Rework build). The door at the end of that room leads back to out of bounds, with Spit Cheeses behind a wall on the right. Superjumping and then canceling it to the right, then falling down, the player can find another pipe that leads to the room with Spit Cheeses, and allows the player to enter the door there. Entering it sends the player back to out of bounds, but there is nothing to be entered from there.
    • In the McPig Twitch livestream, "Five miles of my sewer are plugged with crud and sludge!", Oh Shit! was first worked on, with McPig making the Sprites for Ninja Slice and Giant Slime, the tiles for the level, and the level layout.


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