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This build has a page on The Cutting Room Floor.

Octobe22, also known as the Octobe22 Build is a build of Pizza Tower that was built in October of 2022. It is a build that gives a pretty close outline of the game, from the start to the final boss. Many things are still unfinished or require polish, but it is very close to the final game.


The gameplay is near identical to the final version, although with very minor differences. A noticeable visual difference is when preforming any attack moves, the player will have a blue trail behind them. This was carried over from Eggplant.

The window for parrying attacks and enemies is much larger than the final game. However, the player cannot parry every attack (i.e. The Noise's bombs).


  • When the player drifts into an enemy, it is unaffected and not defeated.
  • Hitting a wall after diving off of a ledge will cause the player to fall down instead of slamming into the wall.
  • Sliding off of a ledge will not put the player into a dive, but instead will make them fall until they hit the ground.
  • Just like the Eggplant build, the player may only preform a Rising Uppercut when they stand still on the floor and press and . In the final release, the player may preform a Rising Uppercut while they jump into the air as well.


All transformations act as they do in the final game in this build. However, there are very minor differences in how some of them control.

  • Ball transformation's speed cannot be controlled with directional inputs, and has a much greater speed compared to final.


Every common enemy has their final behaviour. However, there are very minor differences in appearance.

General Differences

  • The pause menu is missing the icons next to each option.
  • Leaning Dream does not play in the pause menu, instead the level music becomes muffled.
    • The music-muffling feature was later repurposed for the taxis in The Pig City.
  • The options menu is more bland, having a plain black background instead of a pattern.
  • When the player starts a new game, they will be sent into the tutorial instead of starting in the tower and needing to enter the tutorial portal.
    • Because of this, the tutorial portal is absent, and therefore the tutorial cannot be re-played.
  • Toppins use a different sound effect when calling for help.
  • The Toppins show up much quicker on the ranking screen. It is possible this was unintentional, as the bags of money they hold obscure the rank text.
  • All combo levels after Unfunny reuse Unfunny.
  • The P-Rank is earned by achieving a score higher than an S Rank. It doesn't have a design on the rank indicator, however, using the S rank one during gameplay and the D rank one outside the level.
  • The music of the bosses starts before even their intro cutscene does.
  • During the intro cutscene for bosses, Peppino uses an unused enemy defeat scream instead of his current scream. This also replaces his furious scream at the start of the third phase of the final boss.
  • All bosses require only $120.
  • The phase transition display and sound effect does not play for bosses.
  • All bosses have their health displayed in layers rather than regenerating them when transitioning to the next phase, and have 8 health slots. The only exception to this is Pizzaface's third phase, where they all have four HP displayed, being replaced after beating each boss.
  • All bosses do not have proper sound effects.
  • The victory theme does not play when beating bosses.
  • When completing a boss level, Toppins are displayed on the rank screen even though it's not possible to obtain any.
  • Boss intros cannot be skipped by restarting.
  • A giant key will always spawn after defeating a boss even if the player has beaten them before.
  • All level titlecards past the Tower Lobby reuse John Gutter's jingle.
    • Levels past Gnome Forest do not have proper titlecards and reuse John Gutter's titlecard.
    • A different soundfont is used.
  • The scooter cutscene from older demos plays before the shot of Peppino and Gustavo looking at the tower when starting a new game.
  • Gustavo cannot kill enemies by jumping on them.
  • The first Cheeseslime in every level will always be Snotty.
  • A frame of Peppino's idle animation from the old hud is used as the game's icon instead of the one used for the final game.
  • Pizza Granny's text box background is simply white, instead of having a pattern.
    • They also don't make a sound when the text box appears.
  • Secret rooms still use their old background.

Hub Differences

  • The player cannot stand on the chair in Pizza Tower Entrance.
  • Tower Lobby is more compact, with John Gutter being in the same room as the other levels instead of in a separate one.
  • The colours of the rocks next to the Oregano Desert gate are more saturated.
  • There is a stone decoration where the Oregano Desert treasure pedestal would be in the final game. In the final game the stone was moved to the right where a Pizza Granny can sometimes appear.
  • Wasteyard's gate is closer to its treasure pedestal.
  • Snotty is absent.
  • There is an invisible ladder in Slum near the Noise Tea sign.
  • There is a pile of poop next to Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator where a Ventilator would be in the final game.
  • Fake Peppino's portal is right by the cardboard cutout, instead of on a ledge above Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator. It is possible this was unintentional, as the portal obscures part of the cutout.
  • The phonebooth in Slum is in a different position, being where the Vacation Resort door would be in the final game.
  • There is no pile of poop behind the pipe that leads to Oh Shit!
  • The door to enter Staff Only is in a different position, being where Fake Peppino's boss portal would be in the final game.
  • Staff Only is missing most of its decorations alongside the dark filter.
  • Staff Only's background is brighter.
  • WAR's gate has eyes floating around it despite there being no secrets in the level yet.
  • The hallway leading up to the Pizzaface fight is much different, being shorter with the Staff Only background and tileset. The player needs to run up a wall in order to reach the boss itself.
  • There are no Chef Tasks rooms, closets, computers, Granny Pizza signs, Secret Eyes, NPCs (besides Mr. Stick) or secret rooms.
    • It is possible to unlock some Chef Tasks despite there being no rooms to view them in.
    • There is no graffiti in Western District due to Pepperman not being on that floor.
  • When the player goes to the next floor, there is always a cutscene of Peppino running upstairs. In the final game, he rides an elevator, and the cutscene only plays when entering the floor for the first time.
  • Many of the treasure pedestals are in different positions.
  • Mr. Mooney does not appear after buying the final boss gate.
  • The ground tiles in every floor except Staff Only have empty spaces at the top that are filled in the final game.
  • "Mondays" plays in Western District and Staff Only.
  • "Fridays" plays in Slum.
  • The HUD's TV is not hidden.


Starting with this build, levels begin with a titlecard. However, not every level has a titlecard and will use John Gutter's instead as a placeholder. The same applies for each titlecard jingle: if it does not have one, it will use John Gutter's. Something to note is the soundfont used for the titlecard jingle, which is completely different compared to the final version.

It is also possible to P-rank every level except WAR, with the latter not having a Tower Secrect Treasure or Secret Eyes implemented. While the rank screen animation for a P-rank has been implemented, its icon for the HUD has not. This means upon completing a level with a P-rank, the gate will instead display a D-rank by default.


  • The player is given all Toppins in a row at the end of the level.
  • 8 John Blocks (4 of which are turned off) are near Pillar John to showcase how they swap to their counterparts during Pizza Time.
  • This level starts after the intro cutscene instead of in the Pizza Tower Entrance room.
    • Because of this, there are no tutorial blocks in the Pizza Tower Entrance room and it is not possible to replay the tutorial after beating it.
  • There are some minor grammar errors in Pizza Granny's dialogue.
  • Pizza Granny does not yell "GET OUT NOW!!!" during Pizza Time (in the final game, every Pizza Granny's text would be replaced with that).
  • Pizza Granny does not teach you how to jump at the beginning of the tutorial.
  • Pizza Granny's dialogue about the Toppins is completely different.

John Gutter

  • In the level's lap portal room, a Granny Pizza is present that explains lapping. This was probably removed because there is a lapping hint from a Granny Pizza in the tower in the final game.
    • Additionally, one or the checker tiles in the background next to the entrance of the room is flipped in the final game.
  • The level's music is still the old version used since the Entrance Patreon build.
  • The level doesn't have a proper secret theme yet, using "hmm look what you done did you found a secret :)" as the general placeholder secret theme.
  • The banana peel plays different sound effects.
  • Pizzascape

    • "Cold Spaghetti" plays over the whole level, though it is quieter before you enter the library.

    Ancient Cheese

    • "Put On A Show!!" starts playing in the seventh room rather than the sixth.
    • The second secret is a little harder, at the layout is the same as the Eggplant Build.

    Bloodsauce Dungeon

    • The music is still its old version used since Blue Block Land.
    • "Meatophobia" still plays in the depths at the end of the level.

    Pepperman Boss

    • Pepperman takes one more hit to get to his mini form.
      • However, there's a bug where you need to be running at Mach 3 to reach the mini phase.

    Oregano Desert

  • Kentucky Lenny enemies are present in the level.
  • Totem Clouds use a placeholder sound when they attack.
  • The cows don't moo when they kick the player.
  • Wasteyard

    • An earlier version of "Tombstone Arizona" plays over the level.
    • The corpses use placeholder sound effects.
    • The ghost-only breakable blocks use the same sprite as the metal block.
    • The level doesn't have a proper secret theme yet, using "hmm look what you done did you found a secret :)" as the general placeholder secret theme.

    Fun Farm

    • "What's On the Kids Menu?" still doesn't play. Instead, "Mort's Farm" continues to play.
    • Mort doesn't play a chicken sound when you touch him.

    Fast Food Saloon

    • The beer bottles don't play sound effects.
    • The weenie mounts play placeholder sounds while the player rides them.

    The Vigilante Boss

    • The Vigilante doesn't deflect any of the player's attacks before they pick up the Pistol.
    • The Pistol's charge attack doesn't have an indicator, and instead of firing a massive bullet, a burst of bullets are fired instead.
      • Taunting during the charge attack causes the player to freeze in place while the shooting animation loops. The player can only use the charge attack while in this state. They can't even turn around, but they are invincible.
    • The "draw" section at the end of the boss doesn't stop the music. You can also easily win by spamming the shoot button while the draw section goes on.

    Crust Cove

  • The level doesn't have a proper secret theme yet, using "hmm look what you done did you found a secret :)" as the general placeholder secret theme.
  • The barrel transformation plays different sound effects.
  • Gnome Forest

    • "Wudpecker" plays over the whole level.
    • The level doesn't have a proper secret theme yet, using "hmm look what you done did you found a secret :)" as the general placeholder secret theme. However, "A Secret in the Trees", now known as "Everybody Wants to Be a Secret", had already been made at this point.

    Deep-Dish 9

    • Starting here, every level uses the John Gutter title card.
    • The antigravity bubbles play different sounds.
    • The rocket cutscenes don't play sound effects.


    • Starting here, every level uses "hmm look what you done did you found a secret :)" as their secret theme.
    • The golf hit counter shows up once you start the level instead of when you hit the Greaseball.
    • The tutorial for how to golf mentions shooting the Greaseball down. This was removed from the final because it was practically useless.
    • The golf ranks don't play sound effects.

    The Noise Boss

    • The boss plays a slightly older version of its theme.
    • The Noise doesn't get taken away by Noisette. Instead, he just dies like every other boss. He steals the key after you defeat him.
    • You can't parry the Noise Bombs.

    The Pig City

  • The rat balloons don't play sound effects.
  • "Meatophobia" doesn't play in the bacon room.
  • The music is still its old version from the Eggplant Build.
  • "Way of the Pig" doesn't play in the Gustavo and Brick rooms.
  • Oh Shit!

    • The Trash Pans don't play sound effects.
    • One of the ramps is smaller than the final game. This makes both the escape sequence and the P-Rank harder.

    Peppibot Factory

    • "Pizza Engineer" plays over the whole level.
    • There were originally fans that boosted you in the Boxed transformation.


    • "don't preheat your oven because if you do the song won't play" both uses an older version of itself and plays over the whole level, even after you get the Pepper Pizza.
    • The free milk cow is not placed in the lap room. This lets you fly over it and keep the Pepper Pizza in Lap 2.

    Fake Peppino Boss

    • You could originally kill Fake Peppino's clones.
    • When Fake Peppino super taunts, it plays the normal taunt sound.
    • The final chase sequence at the end plays no music.
    • The key room at the very end uses the normal background instead of the Bruno Pizza background.


  • The music is an older variation of itself.
  • The "Kill the ghosts!" notification always shows up whenever you use the Exorcist's cross.
  • Don't Make A Sound

    • The jumpscares play old screaming sounds as placeholder.
    • "Tunnely Shimbers" uses an older variation of itself.


    • The level has no secrets. Neither does it have the secret treasure.
    • The shotgun plays a different sound when you collect it.

    Pizzaface Boss

    • Peppino does his normal boss intro animation when the boss starts.
    • Pizzaface's cogs in Phase 2 are grey instead of yellow.
    • Grabbing the revolver doesn't skip part of the music in Phase 2.
    • The previous 4 bosses show their true health, 4 HP in Phase 3.
    • Pizzahead can sometimes be idle and can be stunned by Gustavo in Phase 3. These all play unused animations.
    • When Peppino is punching Pizzahead into the air and piledriving him, his piledriving acts like him piledriving a normal enemy and the background is frozen.
    • You can move as Pizzaface is revealed to be controlled by Pizzahead when Phase 2 starts.
    • At the end, you cannot stand on Pizzahead's legs.

    The Crumbling Tower of Pizza

    • There are no characters to save.
    • The ending cutscene plays no music.
    • The credits are extremely short.
    • After the credits, and the already-finalized "The End" screen, you get a strange screen with the background of the cutscene of Peppino and Gustavo looking at the tower and the ground of the ending cutscene. This is probably an early version of the John screen at the end of the game.

    Miscellaneous differences

    • When pausing, instead of Leaning Dream, a muffled version of whichever track is currently playing will play.
    • When exiting out of a secret during the escape sequence previously collected clocks return.
    • When entering a lap 2 portal the music does not change to The Death That I Deservioli.
    • The looping of It's Pizza Time! is introduced in this build, however the song does not fade in making the transition less smooth.