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I don't care about this fortune nonsense. Just tell me if we can patent this bot thingamajig."
— Mr. Stick (Via Toppinbot)

Mr. Stick is a non-playable character in Pizza Tower, mainly seen in the Hub area. He appears to rent boss gates to Peppino in exchange for money earned from rescuing Toppins on the levels, and sometimes as a fill-in for Gustavo during Pizza Time.


Mr. Stick is a slim, fair-skinned man with glasses, a bald head, and a comically large nose. He wears an orange suit and pants that visually looks like a jumpsuit over a white dress shirt and a black tie. He also sports a pair of long, black shoes, a pair of white gloves, and an orange fedora with a black strip on it.

As "Mr. Mooney", he wears a fake grey beard and mustache fastened onto his face with a string, an orange hat with with a black strip on it and the top of it popped open, and an orange blanket with a white patch draped over his body. He's also usually seen holding a tin can in his right hand.

He is not native to the tower, but asks Peppino for money to construct the boss gates. He's an inventor and a salesman who is always looking to make a profit.


Mr. Stick is a shrewd businessman and will appear on the Hub near every boss gate. Mr. Stick requires an arbitrary amount of money from Peppino before they are allowed access to the boss gate, forcing the player to collect a certain amount of Toppins before being allowed to continue their quest. Despite taking advantage of Peppino in such a manner, he does seem to genuinely care about him, or, at the very least, his continued ability to give him money, guiding him to level exits during Pizza Time along with Gustavo.

After purchasing all 5 boss gates from Mr. Stick, a new character (who is actually Mr. Stick in a disguise trying to take away the player's remaining money) will appear next to the Pizzaface boss gate. This grey bearded character, Mr. Mooney, will ask the player for a little "charity", requesting the last $90 dollars the player can get. Once the money is given to Mooney, the player will unlock Mooney Orange.

When playing in The Noise's campaign, he is replaced with Noisette.

Scrapped Boss Fight

Originally the 4th boss of the game was supposed to be Mr. Stick, before being replaced by Fake Peppino.

Boss Behavior

Mr. Stick will never attack the player directly, as he instead opts to get away or lead the player into a trap. Due to this, there is no way to parry Mr. Stick, but he has no parry either. Instead, he summons other bosses to distract the player, in the hopes that they'll be too busy fighting them off to attack him. In fact, if the player goes roughly 10 seconds without approaching Mr. Stick, he will pull out a beach chair and relax.


This section is dedicated to trivia and miscellaneous information about Mr. Stick.
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  • He was first said to be Peppino's accountant, then later on his landlord. But in the final game, he has no previous relation to Peppino whatsoever.
  • Mr. Stick's original name was Mr. Stiff, but was changed for sounding too much like a phallic innuendo.
  • McPig has gone on record to say that Mr. Stick was a character before Pizza Tower, and is probably his second most drawn character. Peppino was the fifth.
  • McPig has talked about an idea for a Mr Stick centered game. It would be a puzzle platformer about his daily life in his apartment complex where he has to deal with the supernatural.
  • He has a friend named Burton that never appeared in Pizza Tower but does appear in a lot of McPig's earlier as well as more recent sketches.
  • Mr. Stick originally could have been hit to get a free boss fight once per save file. After the second attempt to hit him, he would have defended himself with a big shield. Despite this idea not being used, a single frame of it is still in the files of the game.
  • Mr. Stick bears more than a passing resemblance to Wes Weasley, a character from the 1993 television series Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, based on the Sonic the Hedgehog series of video games. Both are bald, skinny, humanoid salesmen dawning glasses, orange suits, and fedoras.
    • Though this hasn’t been officially confirmed by McPig himself, this would not be the only reference to Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, as one of Peppino's taunts is a reference to a frame of Dr. Robotnik holding a diploma.
  • Translation of the Mr. Stiff and Burton comic:
    • #1: Burton: "You see Mr. Stiff, we're going to jump off the top of this little hill and like I said we're going to land at the exact same time. Our weight difference doesn't change the speed at which we fall."
      Mr. Stiff: "Doing such demonstration is ridiculous. It's a waste of time."
      Burton: "Come on, Mr. Stiff."
      Mr. Stiff: "I keep my position! You'll land first and you'll feel embarassed."
    • #2: Burton: "There's no embarassement. We're simply jumping from a small hill."
      Mr. Stiff: "Wait! Before we start I'll check that nobody is watching us."
      Burton: "Exasperating..."
    • #3: Mr. Stiff: "Of course, I know he's right but I defended my position so much... I can't backpeddle now! That would be absolutely embarassing! I have installed a propeller helmet under my hat. When I pull that string, I'll get a bit of momentum in the air and land right after!"
    • #4: Burton: Ready?
      Mr. Stiff: Ready!


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