Mr. Car

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Mr. Car is a secret character in Pizza Tower.


Mr. Car is a humanoid figure sitting in a red car with an antenna poking out.


Mr. Car can be encountered in a Mr. Car secret room in Slum, where it stands in the middle of the room.


Mr. Car's original behavior was that it wouldn't move by himself, instead it would act as a large solid object. Mr. Car was invulnerable to all attacks except for dashing at Mach 3 or higher. In that case, he is launched forwards in a straight line, instantly killing enemies in his way until he explodes upon hitting a wall. Upon defeat Mr. Car would drop a pizza slice (25 Pizza Points).


  • Mr. Car's sprite appears in The Pig City level as a prop.
  • Mr. Car still has his own behavior that is leftover in the final game, and it functions properly when loading it in.
  • Mr. Car first originated in the files of beachandforestv2 build as a wide orange rectangle placeholder.