Metal Block

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Metal Block is an object in Pizza Tower.


Metal Block is a block made out of metal with two screws on its side; one in the top left, and one on the bottom right.


Metal blocks can be destroyed by running into them at Mach 3 or higher or by body slamming into them from a great height. Gustavo and Brick's double jump and The Noise's crusher jump can instantly destroy metal blocks from above.

The Knight, and Rocket Transformations can also destroy metal blocks.


Audio Description
Plays when breaking the block.


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  • It was originally possible to break Metal Blocks with a super jump in earlier builds of the game, however it was later changed due to the changes made to the move and the change in level design.
  • Metal Blocks at one point had a different design, being a dark brown block with an angry face. This was reused for Fake Walls, but only temporarily.
  • At one point in development, Metal Blocks looked identical to breakable blocks, but with metal bricks instead.


Regular sprites

Escape Sprites

These are recolor sprites of the Metal Block. these were supposed to spawn when it is Pizza Time.

Scrapped sprites