Meatball Boulder

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Meatball Boulder is a secret enemy in Pizza Tower.


Meatball Boulder is a brown meatball with a face on it.


Meatball Boulder can be encountered in the Ravine secret room in Western District. It will roll around the room endlessly, not harming the player in any way. If the player body slams in this room, Meatball Boulder will jump up in the air.

In earlier builds, Meatball Boulders would hang from the ceiling until the player was spotted, then drop and start rolling until hitting a wall. Touching the Meatball Boulder would result in the player getting flattened and being pushed through semisolid platforms. They would only respawn after the player leaves and re-enters the room.

Later on, the Meatball Boulder was reworked to be grabbable and be able to destroy enemies, however it was ultimately scrapped.


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  • Meatball Boulders were intended to replace Boulders.
  • The Meatball Boulder still has its old behaviour in the files, and therefore, it would work functionally if spawned in-game.


Regular animations

Scrapped animations