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Maurice is a character in Pizza Tower that only shows in the end of Swap Mode.


Maurice shares many physical traits with Peppino, being a portly man wearing a black t-shirt under a tank-top. However, the tank-top and chef hat he wears are green instead of white. Maurice also has thicker eyebrows, thicker and longer mustache, longer hair, and a more notable stubble. He's often depicted with a much more angrier expression. During his appearance on the Ancient Aliens stream, he wore a MLB New York Mets ballcap incorrectly affixed to his Z-axis. Similar to El Diego's Comically large sombrero.


Before The Noise Update released, McPig streamed him and friends playing through the DOOM mod, Ancient Aliens.[1] In it, McPig played as Pizza Tower Guy, while other friends played as other characters, them being Peppino, The Noise (played by Cactus Companion[2]), a Stupid Rat (played by Kyoobot[3]), The Real Doise, El Diego (played by Basinga[4]), Tony Soprano (played by Vorco Rot-Gut[5]), Heavy Weapons Guy (Played by DarthLother[6]), Homer Simpson and Maurice (played by Laserblasterguy[7]). During the stream, other players would act like their characters and banter. This revealed potential in-universe history about Maurice, but it is unknown if it is canon to Pizza Tower or not.


On the stream, Maurice reveals a lot about himself and his relation to Peppino. His full name is Maurice Spaghetti, and is brothers with Peppino. He dislikes him, constantly criticizes and insults him, and has thrown Peppino's DVD set of Stargate in a river when they were younger. Maurice attempted to guilt trip Peppino for refusing to visit him and Nonna one year for Christmas, saying that they were expecting him to bring home a goose to eat. He claimed that because he did not show, their Nonna starved, even while Maurice had brought his own meal for himself. He frequently disapproves of the path Peppino has taken in his life, saying that he should have dropped the pizzeria business and worked at the garbage factory with him because it's an honest living. He even berates Peppino for getting his son, Maurice Jr., a bike instead of a Nintendo Switch. By extension, he doesn't seem to like his Italian heritage, calling it bullshit.

Maurice is shown to hold himself in high regard and constantly talks about himself, even mentioning how he has heart problems and is taking medication for it, and how he loves to gamble. He has many stories, often revolving around his sack of nickels. He has hit a lady with said sack at the laundromat for not accepting nickels, gave a young man a concussion with the sack for playing on his favorite arcade machine despite the man moving aside politely, knocked the eye of someone nicknamed "Fat Joseph" out of his eye socket with the sack after he tried to hustle at a pool hall, and potentially more. He may have a gambling addiction, as he not only plays "video pinball poker", he convinced Nonna Spaghetti to spend 8000 dollars on "psychic crystals" to attempt to boost his success gambling on horse races.

Notably, while expressing distaste to several of the other characters during the event and even Gustavo, who was not present, he was largely fine with The Noise, saying he seemed fine enough to not need an update; alongside not understanding why Peppino hates him so much and thinking that "he just seems like a Christmas elf."


In Pizza Tower's Swap Mode end screen, he is seen as the actor The Noise had hired to play as Peppino in the movie.


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  • Originally, Maurice was an edited Peppino with an angrier expression before Vorco decided to base them off of the doppelganger seen in the Swap Mode end screen.[8]
  • Maurice had a twitch account made for the event, named "mauricemetsfan72," and he acted as a moderator in the chat during the event. Notably, the icon for the account uses his old design, as seen with the smaller mustache and shorter hair.
  • According to Laserblasterguy, Maurice has a full mullet.[9]
  • Maurice's voice lines for Dr. Robotnik's Ring Racer are all lines said by Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, re-recorded by Vorco Rot Gut within 15 minutes during their lunch break.


Regular Sprites



On June 1st of 2024, McPig livestreamed Dr. Robotnik's Ring Racers for approximately nine hours on Twitch. Within the stream was a character mod of Maurice by Krayola, complete with voices by Vorco[10].

Audio Description Transcript
Plays upon the player receiving a speed boost from an item. "Write yourself a prescription of shuttin' the fuck up!"
"I hate you."
Plays upon the player using an item. "Das' whatch'er mom said."
"Where... are the strippers!?"
Plays upon the player being damaged or spun out. "What'appen to my freakin' car!?"
"I'll kill you with a knife!!"
Plays upon the player either becoming invincible or using the growth or shrink power-ups. "I put two n' two together... and decided yer pissin' me off!!"
Ditto, but without the reverb.
Plays upon the player getting third place or higher in a race. "It don't matter. None a'this matters."
Plays upon the player gets fourth place or lower in a race. "Yeahhh... I'm gonna get drunk while I listen."