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Lets Go To SAGE is a series of prerelease Patreon builds made in preparation of the SAGE 2019 Demo. These were playable for Patreons to get an early look at the upcoming public demo and report on bugs and improvements.


World 1


  • Snick Challenge


Revision 4

  • The old mach sounds are still being used.
  • The HUD has less animations.
  • Snick Challenge's timer is 7 minutes and 30 seconds rather than 9 minutes and 55 seconds. This was changed so that it wasn't hard to play.
  • Hot Spaghetti has no scream sounds in its theme. This version was also used until SAGE v13. Starting with v14, it uses the finalized version of the track.
  • The Ancient Cheese was originally harder. Instead of slopes on the key path at the start of the level, there are stairs. In the room with a single Pencer, instead of you mainly going up, you would use a passage at the right to break metal blocks.
  • Instead of Snick becoming playable after being Snick Challenge, he instead tells you about the Cowboy Tasks, telling you to try doing them "to prove you are a real cowboy".
  • If you fail Snick Challenge, going back to the level makes the music not play and the timer freeze.
  • Pausing and unpausing Snick Challenge stops the music until you have 2 minutes left, in which LEANING NIGHTMARE begins playing.
  • The manual is not present yet.
  • A bug prevents you from getting S ranks.
  • There were originally falling blocks in The Ancient Cheese.

Revision 5

  • This is the same build seen in the SAGE preview video in August 2019.
  • The old mach sounds are still being used. This is the last version where they are used.
  • Like in Lets Go To SAGE 4, Snick still tells you to do the Cowboy Tasks instead of him becoming playable.
  • You can now get S ranks again.
  • The falling blocks are still present.
  • Snick Challenge now has its final time.
  • The Ancient Cheese is still at its same difficulty level as Lets Go To SAGE 4.

SAGE v10/v11

This build was created as the SAGE 2019 Demo was already cleaned up and submitted for release. However, some bugs were discovered, preventing these from being released to the public.

  • The new mach sounds are now being used.
  • Snick is now playable.
  • The Ancient Cheese is still at its same difficulty level as Lets Go To SAGE 4.