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John Ghost and Pumpkin Ghost are an enemy in Pizza Tower.


John Ghost is a floating angry Pillar John with black eyes with yellow spirals and a ghostly tail.

Pumpkin Ghost is a sentient floating jack-o'-lantern with Pizzaface's face carved onto it with a white sheet under it, resembling a ghost.


The Ghosts work exactly the same with a few minor differences.

The Ghosts have the ability to go through anything and try their best to catch the player, If the player gets far enough The Ghosts speed will double, quickly catching up to the player. often referred to as rubber-banding. The closer the player is, the slower they become. They also have a small detail of turning slightly transparent in-game.


John Ghost appears during Pizza Time in certain rooms in Wasteyard he is placed in. When he catches the player, they will be sent in the place they were in when entering the room. In Secrets of The World, John Ghost is already awake.

Pumpkin Ghost appears when the player drops into Tricky Treat from the hub in the same level, and behaves mostly like John Ghost. When Pumpkin Ghost catches the player, they will be sent back to Tower Lobby.

Appears in

John Ghost

Ghost Pumpkin

Chef Tasks

These enemies are tied with the following Chef Task:

Avoid getting touched by the John Ghost in Wasteyard.
Get all of the pumpkins in Tricky Treat in one run.



John Ghost

Pumpkin Ghost

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