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Gustavo is Completely Lost... Nobody has seen him since he crawled into the Pizza Dungeon."
โ€” Toppinbot.

Gustavo is the deuteragonist and second playable character of Pizza Tower.


Gustavo is a short, small man with small, black beady eyes. He has a large, round nose with a wide mustache underneath. Both his mustache and hair are brown and short, matching in color with his t-shirt and shoes. He wears a white apron and toque on top of his t-shirt. He's a kind, jolly and upbeat person, only showing anger while fighting Brick and during phase 3 of the Pizzaface fight. He was easily able to make amends with Brick and team up after their fight ended, exhibiting his easygoing nature. Throughout the game, Gustavo acts as a supporting role, often guiding Peppino to the exit or helping him in some way. When he is not playable, he can be seen in some levels like Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator, happily waving.

In older builds of Pizza Tower, when Peppino fails to deliver any pizzas in Gnome Forest, he dramatically falls to the ground in despair before rushing and pummeling Peppino briefly. He immediately replaces the pizzas afterward, resuming his happy demeanor.

Brick shares his appearance with the rest of the Stupid Rats; he has pink skin, short blue-gray fur and a rotund body. In comparison, he seems slightly smaller than other Stupid Rats. Upon first meeting Gustavo, he chases him throughout the Tower Lobby before angrily fighting him in Western District. Much like Gustavo, upon the fight ceasing he was able to make amends.

Together, Gustavo and Brick work well as a team. They are shown in various backgrounds of levels throughout the Pizza Tower spending time or working together. In Fastfood Saloon, Gustavo is drinking with Brick at a table. Some appearances lead to them helping Peppino proceed, such as WAR, where Gustavo shoots an RPG with Brick acting as the missile, defeating enemies and or destroying blocks for the player.

Abilities and Skills

Gustavo, much like Peppino, possesses great strength. While running at Mach 3, he can destroy Metal Blocks with his fist. He also can preform a brief spin with his fists out, defeating any enemy he comes into contact with. Much like characters from w:Super Mario, Gustavo can land on top of an enemy to defeat them. He cannot Uppercut, Super Jump, grab enemies or reach Mach 4 like Peppino or The Noise.

Brick has many unique abilities compared to other Stupid Rats. He is able to match Gustavo in strength, as seen in their conflict starting in Western District and ending in Vacation Resort. When he is with Gustavo in levels, he can curl up into a ball and bounce to defeat enemies and destroy Metal Blocks upon landing. He can able to utilize it to bounce off of walls as a way to climb vertically. Upon being kicked by Gustavo, he acts like a bowling ball and defeats any enemy upon contact. Brick will eat Rat Balloons upon contact and inflate, allowing him to float. He deflates by burping, ceasing his flotation.

Upon separating from Gustavo, Brick will automatically home in towards Gustavo to immediately rejoin. This is only halted when he is captured by a Hamkuff, where he is held in place until the Hamkuff is defeated.

In the comics

Gustavo was planned to appear in an unfinished comic featuring him and Peppino in the desert, where the two would've been antagonized by Mr.Incognito.


For early appearances and scrapped ideas, see the pre-release page here: Gustavo/Pre-release


This section is dedicated to trivia and miscellaneous information about Gustavo.
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  • He's been described as the "Mario to Peppino's Wario" from a personality standpoint.
    • This, by extension, could mean Brick is Gustavo's Yoshi equivalent.
  • Originally, Gustavo was conceptualized as a gnome, like the others in Gnome Forest. However, this doesn't seem to be the case anymore.[1]
  • It has been said that Brick is based off of Rick the Hamster, one of Kirby's animal buddies from Kirby's Dream Land 2 & 3, due to his ability to form into a ball and roll.
  • McPig has jokingly stated that Gustavo's catchphrase is "I'm going to kill you!".
    • In a more serious manner, he's described Gustavo as "super friendly, but don't disappoint him, he'll get back at you."
  • His Toppinbot description makes a joke about Pizza Crawler being cancelled, claiming he hasn't been seen since he crawled into the dungeon.
  • In the same vein of Peppino having an ability that seems clearly inspired by the Spinning Piledriver used by Zangief in the Street Fighter series, Gustavo's spin attack used when separated from Brick looks to be inspired by Zangief's Double Lariat.
  • In Gustavo's technical difficulties image, he is shown flattened applying a first aid kit bandage to a crying Brick's head. However, the red cross on this pack was changed to a green one in a later patch. This is likely due to usage of the red cross being prohibited by the Geneva Conventions.[2]
  • During Pizza Time in Gnome Forest and Pig City, Mr. Stick is the only one to guide the player to the exit door due to Gustavo being a playable character.


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