Grind Rail

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Grind Rail is an object in Pizza Tower.


Grind Rail is a grey rail that comes flat and slanted.


When the player touches a Grind Rail, they will grind forwards uncontrollably until they get off. Once the player gets off of a Grind Rail, either by jumping off the Grind Rail or touching the floor, they will keep their previous Mach state.

While playing as Gustavo or The Noise in the Gustavo segment of The Pig City, the player will climb on them instead.



  • Originally, Grind Rail used a single sprite in every appearance. Now it's used as a part of the level's tileset.
  • Originally, the player while in Knight transformation would have fallen through the Grind Rails while jumping on it. When using debug mode to have Knight transformation, it automatically makes the player lose it.
  • There is an unused diagonal Grind Rail variant, that would have acted the same.
  • Pizzascare is the only level, of the levels it appears in, to use a unique sprite for it.


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