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Greaseball, also known as Nerd, is a character in Pizza Tower.


Greaseball looks like a cheeseball that wears thick glasses and has pepperonis on his head. He is the seemingly destitute owner of the restaurant featured in GOLF. Due to his financial status, he cannot afford proper golf balls, instead opting to use himself.


Greaseball sits in place. The player can hit him either by dashing into him, Mach Running, Uppercutting, Bellysliding, Bodyslamming, or by grabbing him and using a golf club to control his trajectory more precisely. When hitting him for the first time, two new elements are added to the HUD: A counter for how many times he's been hit, and a counter for the course's Primo Burg'. Any direct interaction from the player to Greaseball will add one hit to the bottom left counter. After getting launched, he will bounce and roll across the ground based on how far he was launched, defeating enemies along the way and interacting with certain objects, and after coming to a stop he will start to cheerfully skip around. He will only get defeated once he reaches a basketball net, which breaks any Golf Blocks in the room.

Greaseball is actively sucked up by Sir Noses upon coming near them. He can also collect items, such as pizza points, for the player.

Hitting or getting ready to swing Greaseball resets the combo timer. The combo timer does not drain while the player is getting ready to swing Greaseball.

In every course, there is a par, either 5, 10, or 15 (the golfing section in The Crumbling Tower of Pizza has a par of 4), of netting Greaseball. Getting Greaseball into the net with that amount of hits or lower earns a "Primo Burg'!!" status for 400 Pizza Points. Getting a few hits (exact number varies) over the par yields the "Hot Dog!" status for 250 points. A few more hits over the par will yield the "Nice Nachos!" status" for 100 points. After that, player is awarded with "Nothing", for no points.

When playing as The Noise, each hit over the par will cause The Noise to rewrite the par to increase it by 1, therefore a Primo Burg will always be earned regardless of hits.

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  • Greaseball appears in Strongcold as a decoration. He's green instead of yellow, and is hanging from a rope like a christmas tree ornament. Since he is a decoration, he cannot be hit.
  • In the GOLF demo, he acts similar to a Cheeseslime, meaning he does nothing except walk around. However, unlike them, it can't be defeated unless touching the goal or coming into contact with an outlet. If he comes into contact with an outlet, he will respawn at his stand. The player has to get him to a goal in order to destroy his block to proceed. After GOLF, he appears in some demos acting the same, except he rewards the player with complete pizzas instead of destroying his block.
  • The "Nothing" rank is the only golf rank to not be animated.
  • A beach ball that resembles Greaseball appears as a decoration in Crust Cove.
  • Greaseball's old name is Pizzaball, as seen in the game's files.
  • Greaseball can be seen inside of the secret room known as "Mansion" in the Staff Only inside a portrait. He takes on the appearance of a rotund human, is wearing overalls, has a brown haircut, and is wielding a wrench. A blue rocket and a dazzling man with a pizza as a face are next to him.


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