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Ghostknight is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Ghostknight is a ghost version of Forknight that doesn't wear armor, and wields a knife instead of a fork. In-game, he is also translucent.


Ghostknight floats around and hurts the player if touched from the front. Ghostknight can only be defeated with Exorcist's holy cross, shotgun or by supertaunt, but can still be scared, temporarily making him harmless.

Appears in

Chef Tasks

This enemy is tied with the following Chef Task:

Cross To Bare
Kill thirty ghosts in Pizzascare.



  • In some builds that pre-date the final game, such as Eggplant Build, the Ghostknights could only be defeated using a supertaunt due to the lack of Exorcists in earlier versions of Pizzascare. This made the level way harder to beat as a result.
  • In the Rework build, Ghostknights look identical to Forknights, except for being transparent.
  • Ghostknights have a stunned animation; however, it's the same as their scared animation. It is used when a Ghostknight is defeated with a supertaunt, or when spawned during Pizza Time.


Regular animations