Flying Anchovy

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Flying Anchovy is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Flying Anchovy is a blue anchovy with two small googly eyes and a pair of white wings. It visibly struggles to keep itself in the air, sweating as it flails its entire body just to remain afloat.

Flying Anchovy is described as being extremely nearsighted, thinking Peppino is a big fly as it can't see him well.


"These flying fish thinks that Peppino is a big fly, somehow. They have very bad eyesight and need glasses. Avoid them while they charge or grab them before they start!"
SAGE 2019 Manual

Flying Anchovy flies in place, darting forward it spots the player. It will keep flying in that direction until it hits a wall, where it will remain stunned on the floor for a few seconds, then start flying again.

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  • Flying Anchovy was originally the air equivalent of a Cheeseslime, having no special capabilities. In the Early Test Build (where the enemy goes unused), they would only fly in place.
  • Flying Anchovy's Heat Meter attack was that it would inflate itself and then attempt to fall on top of the player with a body slam attack.
  • Flying Anchovies work similarly to the Bird enemy from the Wario Land series.
  • It is one of the few enemies that only appears in one level and nowhere else.
    • Despite this, ironically, the Flying Anchovy appears in more backgrounds than any other enemy. This includes enemies present in the level the background appears in.
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Flying Anchovy's charging sound. Also shared with Eggplantmobile, Potato Farmer, Pencer and Peasanto.


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