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Fastfood Saloon is the eighth level in Pizza Tower, and the fourth level of the Western District.

It's a western-style, massive bar featuring races against Horsey and cards that give points when matched. The second section of the level takes place in another area of the bar, featuring silhouettes of various characters from the game.

The level's titlecard peers through two batwing doors, showing Peppino sitting at a stool while dressed in a western-style outfit, looking anxiously, while a mirror reflects several Ranch Shooters behind him.


This level contains the following enemies:




Most of the Toppins in the level are located in Horsey races the player encounters naturally. These races are started by passing the horse. If the player reaches the checkered flag before the horse, the race is won, and the Toppin is free to collect. If the player loses the race, the horse taunts the player, and the Toppin is blocked off in a cage. This makes the Toppin inaccessible for Peppino until the stage is reset, though The Noise can instead kill Horsey to release the Toppin regardless.



Rewarded after completing the first Horsey race.


In the second Weenie Mount transformation room, behind a Stupid Rat.


Rewarded after completing the second Horsey race.


Rewarded after completing the third Horsey race.


In the Key Door room, behind a Stupid Rat and a Timed Gate.

Tower Secret Treasure


In the Pillar John room, behind a Timed Gate.


In the second Weenie Mount transformation room, on the top path, behind a Stupid Rat with one-block Fake Wall passage. The Tower Secret Treasure is a chocolate donut.

Secret Eyes

Secret Eye 1

In the room with the key and lock signs, near the ceiling, in an eye marked wall.

This secret challenges the player to run on disappearing Cheese Blocks while trying to get through Timed Gates.

Secret Eye 2

In the room with the Key, right above it in the ceiling.

In this secret, the player must dash while being carried by Ventilators, flipping cards along the way.

Secret Eye 3

During Pizza Time, in the only open door on the path, in the wall near the ceiling.

This secret contains the fourth Horsey race.

Pizza Tower Guy

Pizza Tower Guy

Near the end of the second Horsey race. The player must reach this area within a minute in order to see him. He disappears upon approach.

Chef Tasks

This level has the following Chef Tasks:

Destroy nearly every beer bottle in Fastfood Saloon.
Already Pressed
Activate each button only once in Fastfood Saloon.
Royal Flush
Touch every single card in Fastfood Saloon.


This section is dedicated to trivia and miscellaneous information about Fastfood Saloon.
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  • In this level, Gustavo during the escape sequence is drunk, and occasionally hiccups.
  • In v1.1.0, PTG has been moved a bit earlier in the room, as now he's required for Tower Guy outfit.
  • This level is a heavy retooling of the unused level Space Pinball. Space Pinball would eventually be merged into another unused level, Kung Fu, which then evolved into the version seen in the final game.
    • A reference to this original version can be seen on one of the decorations in the final game, which is a poster depicting an Olive on fire with text above that reads out "Space Pinball".
      • Several unique pinball machines can be seen throughout the level, as well, possibly as another nod to Fastfood Saloon's origins.
    • Space Pinball and Kung Fu's mechanics have, however, made their way into other parts of the game.


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