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Fake Peppino is the fourth boss in Pizza Tower.


Fake Peppino is an uncanny being that bears a close resemblance to Peppino Spaghetti. He moves disjointedly and seems to be made of a liquid. He is much taller than Peppino with loose eyes and a permanent smile. He also, much like Peppino, wears a white tank top over a black T-shirt, black pants and a white chef's hat; his outfit will change to whatever costume the player is wearing unless they are The Noise. Additionally, in one of his boss fight attacks, he takes his head off like a mask, revealing nothing but a pink brain with eyes.

Boss Room

Fake Peppino appearing as Peppino on the VS screen before he is revealed.

To access the boss room, the player needs to pay Mr. Stick $200 (20 Toppins).

The room is a gritty, trash-filled, and dilapidated pizza place, seemingly called "Peppino's Pizza 2" based on the inverted window, which has a Peppino-like face making an Italian expression on it. The other thing to note is the giant wall mural of an amusing caricature of Peppino in a proper chef's suit holding a pizza and saying, "Nothing Compares!". As Peppino enters the boss fight, Fake Peppino turns around and makes a similar, but distorted "scared" scream.

During the second phase, the background becomes more demented, changing to have what is presumably Fake Peppino clones/victims appearing from the garbage and cracks in the walls, the window's face distorts to become similar to Fake Peppino's face. The wall mural's face distorts to become similar to the one in the window, with its original message altered to take the form of a nonsensical order of letters, saying "FRTXJPIHCBATTZRDIHJPS!". The window itself has this face along with backward letters saying "Peppino Peppino Peppino Peppino" as they get smaller.

During the chase sequence, the stage is a dark setting with a black and dark purple color scheme. After the chase sequence, the exterior of the stage is shown, apparently being called "Bruno Pizza", With some of the letters crooked, the N however, is fully rotated sideways, making it look like a Z, making it look like the sign says "Bruzo Pizza". which is as rundown, if not more, as the initial boss stage, and boarded up, with several strange posters and signs on it. Fake Peppino's eyes and hands can be seen through the boarded-up door. There is a sign saying "DO NOT ENTER INSIDE!", but when the words are read from a different way, the sign also says, "DO ENTER NOT INSIDE!".

Boss Behavior

Main Gimmick of the Fight

Fake Peppino is not the only "Fake Peppino", as darker-clothed variants of the Fake Peppino will appear in order to attack the player. These dark-clothed clones cannot be attacked, but in turn, disappear after attacking. Attacking also makes the player likely take damage, so it is recommended to avoid them.

They're very difficult to parry, but doing so is still possible.

Phase 1

Fake Peppino has 6 attacks he can perform, spread out across each hit point. Fake Peppino requires 2 grab attacks for a hit to be counted. After each hit, Fake Peppino will disappear, and clones of Fake Peppino will appear to repeat the same attack the "real" one had previously executed.

Grab Dash

Fake Peppino will run about and periodically lunge forward to grab the player with one arm. If he grabs the player, they are stabbed by his tongue and launched away, taking damage, this is one of the only attacks in the game that cant be parried at all, likely since the player isn't immediately damaged upon being hit by the attack.

Clones that do this move will disappear after doing the grab dash or after hitting the player.

High Jump and Face Slam

Fake Peppino performs a powerful frog-like leap into the air, then slowly falls down towards the player, slamming into the ground headfirst. Fake Peppino can be attacked during the windup before the jump or after he slams into the ground.

Clones that do this will disappear after slamming into the floor.

Mach Run

Fake Peppino runs at extreme velocity, running up the walls and across the ceiling, around and around the arena. He can be attacked while he starts running and after he stops running.

When the clones try to wall run, they will fall down off of the ceiling the moment they are above the player and then face slam downwards.

Super Jump

Fake Peppino crouches down and super jumps to the ceiling, then jumps back down to the floor, repeating this 4 times before finishing.

Clones will form a line of 10, leaving a small space for the player to stand safely before they jump from the floor to the ceiling and disappear, then repeat their formation and attack several times with the opening in a different place each time.

Head Throw & Headless Run

Fake Peppino tears his head off, revealing his brain and eyes, and throws it toward the player. The thrown head can be ducked under or jumped over. After this, Fake Peppino will run to retrieve his lost head, hurting the player if he collides with them. This needs to be jumped over.

Several clones will appear from each side of the room and charge towards the other end and disappear, with the exception of the last clone who tosses its head. This clone will disappear immediately afterward. They are also not able to be parried.

Super Taunt

Fake Peppino jumps and performs one of three super taunts, sending out 8 spiky bouncing projectiles in cardinal and diagonal directions. Once he finishes showing off, he falls back down and runs to the other side of the room to do it again.

Clones that super taunt will only send out one projectile, sending it diagonally downwards, as well as headless clones will run across the room from time to time. The clones will use their simultaneous super taunts 7 times before the second phase begins, and headless clones will spawn after the second and fifth taunts.

Phase 2

Once Fake Peppino reappears after taking 6 hits, he enters phase 2. Fake Peppino will repeat all of Phase 1 again but will no longer disappear. Now clones will appear alongside him to attack the player.

All Attack Combinations

Fake Peppino and his clones will both attack the player in Phase 2. Here are all the combinations of attacks for each hit point.

  • Underlined Moves: The move performed by the main/original Fake Peppino.
  1. Grab Dash + Mach Run
  2. High Jump & Face Slam + High Jump & Face Slam
  3. Mach Run + Mach Run
  4. Super Jump + Headless Run
  5. Head Throw & Headless Run + Head Throw
  6. Super Taunt + Mach Run

Dark Tunnel Chase

Once Phase 2 is beaten, the floor collapses, and the player is chased by a giant, monstrous Fake Peppino through a small dark hallway. If Fake Peppino touches the player, they will simply take 2 points in damage, and Fake Peppino is knocked back, effectively giving the player 3 hit points if they survived up to this point with full health. Once the player escapes the tunnel, the fight is over.

If the player is playing as The Noise, Fake Peppino will move at a much faster speed during this phase. However, if Fake Peppino catches up to the player, The Noise will scream at Fake Peppino, causing him to run away with The Noise being unharmed.

Boss Rematch

After beating the Final Boss’ 2nd Phase, Pizzahead will bring in the four previous boss characters, and sends each of them to attack. Despite each boss having 8 HP and extra 8 HP afterwards, 4 HP will be drained per hit due to Peppino becoming enraged immediately beforehand. The player fights each of the bosses one by one, they use some of the same attacks as before. After defeating Pepperman, Gustavo will appear for the player to grab and throw him at the remaining 3 bosses to stun them.

Fake Peppino is the fourth and final boss in the rematch. Fake Peppino doesn't use any of his clones during the final battle.

Fake Peppino will attack in this order:

  • Grab Dash
  • High Jump & Face Slam
  • Head Throw & Headless Run
  • Super Taunt

After 4 hits, Fake Peppino will fall down, and the player will face Pizzahead.


For early appearances and scrapped ideas, see the pre-release page here: Fake Peppino/Pre-release

Chef Tasks

This boss is tied with the following Chef Task:

Defeat Fake Peppino without getting hurt.


This section is dedicated to trivia and miscellaneous information about Fake Peppino.
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  • In the third background for WAR, a Peppino-like figure can be seen in a test tube, presumably meaning that Peppino is being cloned. This figure somewhat resembles Fake Peppino, possibly explaining his origins.
    • This thought is also justified as the indoor lab part of WAR includes Peppino Clones, which look extremely similar to Fake Peppino, and even have the same cheese-based tongue/mouth.
  • He is the only one out of the first four bosses who do not appear on another floor after they're defeated.
  • He is the only one whose boss fight doesn't have a second-phase transition.
  • When first fighting him as Peppino, the VS Screen Portrait he uses is the same as Peppino's, and he is labeled as Peppino. After the first attempt, it gets swapped out with his true portrait, depicting him smiling with his mouth wide open and his eyes popping out of his sockets, and his true name.
    • The portrait will only change upon defeating Fake Peppino for the first time. If the player revisits the fight after closing the game but hasn't beaten him yet, the portrait will still be of Peppino.
    • The portrait will also always be his true portrait when playing as The Noise, although the name will always be that of Peppino.
    • The icon for P-Ranking the fight with Fake Peppino is also intentionally made blank to hide their identity.
    • However, in demos where Fake Peppino was a boss fight, like in the very complete October 2022 Build, only his true identifying VS Screen Portrait will appear.
  • Fake Peppino's sound effects are mostly those of Peppino, but reversed and distorted.
  • Fake Peppino and Pizzaface are the only bosses to have invincibility frames.
  • In a slightly earlier version of the chase, the giant Fake Peppino would only move at the speed the player did, however, this was changed in an update to him moving at a set speed. The chase layout was also nerfed twice after the game's final release.
  • The player's clothing choice can involuntarily make the fight much harder, as with certain colors, clones become more difficult to differentiate from the actual Fake Peppino. In the case of Dark Cook, the actual Fake Peppino and the clones will look exactly the same.
  • In the October 2022 Build, the clones did not have different shades of clothes, leaving them identical to the real Fake Peppino.
  • Fake Peppino has only 12 health points, which is the least amount of health despite being the second-to-last boss fought.
  • The song used during the chase sequence, "Okay Campers, Rise and Shine!", has been heard by fans as having voice clips of presumably Fake Peppino calling out "Peppino! Come over here now!" This has not been confirmed, however.
  • The sign at the end of the chase sequence was changed because McPig didn't want to reference "a reddit meme", as the reference to "Don't Dead Open Inside" was unintentional.


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