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Desert, otherwise known as the May 2019 Patreon Demo, is a Patreon build for Pizza Tower.


Every other level is off limits, as Oregano Desert gets it's first rework, and Peppino's moveset has been tweaked a little bit.


Normally Accessible

Accessible Through Hacking



  • Running in this build is different than the other builds.
    • Mach 1 uses different animations.
    • Turning the opposite direction while running at Mach 3 and 4 makes the player drift for 2 seconds, before making the player come to a complete stop.
  • Super Taunts exist, but the camera zooms in when it happens, and it doesn't hurt enemies.
  • The Wallrun was removed.
  • The Health System was removed.
  • When superjumping or ground pounding into a big breakable block, the player slows down for a second.
  • The Old Firemouth Transformation is used here.
  • Box of Pizzas existed.
  • A Charging Move has been added.
  • The Secrets exist now.


  • Whenever the player gets close to a level gate, the background changes to reflect that stage.
  • The Speedometer instantly went from 0 to 5 on the HUD.
  • The way to start Pizza Time is very different.
    • Instead of anything we have seen so far, the player stumbles upon an un-assuming Pizza box, that just so happens to contain a Noise Bomb, which just instantly activates Pizza Time.
  • There are absolutely no sound effects.


  • When pressing the opposite direction while grabbing, the player continues to grab instead of coming to a stop.

Level Differences


  • Basically Unchanged from the January Patreon Build, but with some extra rooms, including a GOLF challenge, A reworked Cave Section, and A UFO.
  • There are also some unused bike objects that when charging at them and hitting the wall, or throwing them in any way, the bike explodes.
  • There is an unused Noise trap that activates during Pizza Time.


  • This is the first Build where Mansion starts outside.
  • The player isn't expected to get far though, as one room with Peasanto's crashes the game upon interacting with it.
    • Thing is, if you go back in that room, you enter the Mansion from the January Patreon Build.
    • And its fully playable, though upon interacting with one of the keys, the game crashes.
  • The Sword Stone will crash the game if the player interact with it.


  • Not Much is different from the January Patreon Build, though like Mansion above, this crashes because of the Peasanto's.


  • Trash Pan's crashes the game as soon as Peppino Enters the Level.





  • Peppibot
  • Big Cheese
  • Spit Cheese
  • Forknight
  • Peasanto (Crashes Game)


  • Trash Pan (Crashes Game)
  • Ninja Slice (Crashes the game if you interact with it, it only shows when you load it in any room)



  • Pillar John blocks the way to many level doors, those being Mansion, Factory, and Sewer, however, he can be removed through hacking.
  • Even though it can't be accessible, Freezer is in the Files, not having a TV graphic or level gate associated with it.
    • The SAGE 2019 Demo Title Screen is also in the files.
  • This is the 2nd build to remove the Wallrun.
    • As such, it was re-added in further revisions.
  • This Demo uses unique HUD Sprites for when getting close to a level gate, Changing the TV HUD to have something related to the level on it.
  • Mansion, Factory, and Sewer don't have any music associated with, with "Mondays" continuing to play.

Important (unreleated) message

  • If any Pizza Tower Wiki user has a TCRF (The Cutting Room Floor) account, please add more information on the Desert page of the Pizza Tower Prototypes page so i can integrate it into this page.
  • Note: thanks for whoever added Sewer's enemies, and adding that the sword stone crashes the game!