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Screenshot of the debug console.

The Debug Console is the main developer feature used for debugging Pizza Tower. The debug console has existed since the April Patreon Build, and has continuously been updated to add commands that automatically change variables or alter player behaviour.

Improperly using the debug console may overwrite existing save data with fresh save data.


There are 3 ways to enable the console, two of which requiring changing Steam's launch options for the game:

  • Adding "-debug" or "debug" to the Steam launch options.
  • Adding more than two Steam launch options.
  • Adding "-debug" to the end of a Windows shortcut path that leads to the executable file.

While it is enabled, pressing F5 will open the console.


  • alltoppins - Gives the player all 5 toppins.
  • bossinv <bool> - Toggles player health loss in boss battles. Hits taken don't count towards your Rank or the Chef Tasks. the "You hurt Peppino X Times." message still appears and being hit will still count towards your 'damage' stat.
  • camera_zoom <targetzoom> <spd> - Zooms the camera on the player to the given zoom with the given speed, does not work due to an unused variable.
  • destroyice - Destroys ice blocks in Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator. Same function as the Furnaces.
  • editor - Teleports to the editor. But due to an unset variable, using the command results in a crash.
  • giveheat - Adds Heat to the Heat Meter, Since the Heat Meter is unused, this is useless. (Doesn't work with 'hardmode' enabled.)
  • givekey - Gives the player a normal level key.
  • gateswitchmax - Crashes the game???
  • hardmode <bool> - Enables the unused Hard Mode - an old version of the Heat Meter will appear and the Hard Mode Ghost (using Snick.exe's sprite as a placeholder) will spawn and spawn random enemies every few seconds. The enemy spawn rate increases depending on how full the Heat Meter is.
  • hidetiles <bool> - Hides the tile layer.
  • kill_boss - Kills a boss
  • loadtest - When used, this command enables the visibility of collisions, teleports you to rm_testing and switches your character to The Noise with the unused "Pogo" move-set. A part of the Credits also appears. It's impossible to leave the room without using the debug console.
  • lockcam - Locks the camera in place. Using the command again reverts the camera to normal.
  • noclip - Allows flying through the level ignoring collision. Pressing the Grab key exits no-clip mode and holding the Dash key increases flight speed. This will remove transformations and revert the player back to normal.
  • othertest - Switches the player's character to The Noise using the unused "Pogo" move-set, makes collisions visible and then teleports the player to the room rm_testing4 which contains an object (obj_softlockcrash) that stops all music, displays an ominous sprite of Peppino (specifically spr_finaljudgement2), then closes the game after 10 seconds. When viewing the room with modding tools, it appears to be a simple testing room for the content introduced in the Halloween Update. (Now spawns the player in a room similar to loadtest as peppino with a baddie spawner that spawns the gun from the vigilante fight)
  • panic <fill> - Triggers Pizza Time. If time isn't specified, it lasts 5:31. If time is specified, every number is worth a twelfth of a second. (for example, 12 would be 1 second) If Pizza Time was active and the command is activated, Pizza Time will end. This doesn't de-spawn Pizzaface.
  • player_room <targetRoom> <targetDoor> - Teleports the player to the given room and door. Both arguments are case sensitive and entering unused rooms or supplying a non-existent door will cause problems.
  • player_set_state <states.state> - Changes the players transformation to one of five selectable states.
    1. states.normal - Normal Peppino.
    2. states.knightpep - Knight Peppino.
    3. states.firemouth - Firemouth Peppino.
    4. states.cheesepep - Sticky Cheese Peppino.
    5. states.ratmount - Gustavo, but he'll spawn without Brick.
      • Brick can be regained when using the command in a secret room, including the Sound Test, however Brick will vanish once removed from Gustavo. This can be fixed in the Sound Test by taunting before removing Brick, as this makes the game think the player is supposed to be Gustavo.
      • This also allows the player to leave the sound test and when entering any door as Peppino, the player will revert to Gustavo and Brick upon exiting the door, letting the player play through any level as Gustavo and Brick.
  • roomcheck - Cycles rapidly through every hub world, level, and boss in the game to check if no rooms were to crash the game at any point. Once the check passes, the player will end up in the hub entrance during pizza time. If the player goes through the exit door, the game will send you to the ending. Once the command is executed, it will result in the save file becoming impossible to delete in-game and pausing being impossible. The only way to fix it is to beat a level on the save file you used the command on.
  • set_combo <combo> <combotime:optional> - Sets the players Combo and the time it will last to the given values.
  • showcollisions <bool> - Makes collisions visible.
  • showhud <bool> - Toggles whether the HUD is shown.
  • show_debug_overlay - Toggles Game Maker's debug overlay.
  • switch_char - Allows you to switch between Peppino and Noise freely, may cause some unintended side-effects if used in specific situations.
  • unlock_boss_key <number> - Unlocks the boss key of the given floor.
  • unlock_toppins <level_name_ini> - Unlocks the 5 toppins of a level.
  • test_p_rank - Gives the player a P Rank instantly, toggles pizza time with ~50 seconds left, and gives a 99 Combo
  • throwarc - Toggles the global variable throwarc. Though due to the throwarc variable not being used anywhere, this has no use in-game.


  • The "loadtest" command used to teleport you to a room and attempt to load the Final Boss third phase, failing on some versions it crashed the game.
    • On other versions it would take you to an unused room similar to the Tower Roof where the collisions are visible.
    • It was impossible to leave without commands.
  • In the Halloween update, the "switch_char" command switched the player to The Noise with the unused "Pogo" move-set, with it being impossible to switch back to Peppino when using it a second time.