Crust Cove

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Crust Cove is the ninth level in Pizza Tower, and the first level of the Vacation Resort.

The level starts off in a cove area and then transitions into a beach at sunset with pink sand. Later on in the level, there is also a cruise ship area.


This level contains the following enemies:


  • Barrel — initiated by jumping inside one





In the second room, right before the ship section, in the bottom path.


In the first Barrel transformation section, behind a Breakable Block, on top of a wall.


In the Captain Goblin section, out in the open.


In the second room of the cave section, on the bottom path, accessible by climbing down ladders.


During Pizza Time, in the ship barrel section, near impossible to pass by.

Tower Secret Treasure


In the ship section, in the ceiling, accessible through running through a Fake Wall on the right.


Near the ship section, inside a Fake Wall, indicated with one-block passage.

Secret Eyes

Secret Eye 1

In the first Barrel transformation section, near several Cannon Goblins, inside a gap in the ceiling.

In this secret, the player has to use the Barrel transformation to roll and platform through the stage, avoiding obstacles in the way.

Secret Eye 2

In the Captain Goblin section, right below the semi-solid platform, inside a wall. Can't be accessed again if the player fails to get inside.

In this secret, the player must turn while retaining speed on long platforms of hazardous water.

Secret Eye 3

In the second room of the cave section, behind a Stupid Rat, that can be defeated by parrying Cannon Goblinbot's projectile.

In this secret, three cannonballs must be parried to destroy all of the rats.

Pizza Tower Guy

Pizza Tower Guy

Near the end of the room with the key, standing on a platform.

Pizza Tower Guy

Located in the same room as Pillar John, in the pit to the right. Does not vanish under any circumstances.

Chef Tasks

This level has the following Chef Tasks:

Kill a cannon goblin with his own bomb in Crust Cove.
Uncover all the treasure guys in Crust Cove.
Demolition Expert
Complete Crust Cove without getting hit by an explosion.


Level's soundtrack:

Mr. Sauceman – Tropical Crust
ClascyJitto – A Secret in the Sands


This section is dedicated to trivia and miscellaneous information about Crust Cove.
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  • The pink sand in the beach section of the level is inspired by an image of a pink beach on Komodo Island.
  • This level was at first titled Pineapple Beach in BeachandForestv1, then temporarily titled Plage in PT_Eggplantv15 before getting its final name.
    • The final name was planned to be "Crustcoral Beach". However, during one of McPig's development streams, a Twitch user suggested a different name, which ended up sticking.
  • All of the Treasure Chest Guys are hidden throughout the level:
    • At the beginning of the level.
    • At the beginning of the second room, at the top of the left cliff.
    • Near the Tower Secret Treasure door, at the top of the platform.
    • In the first room with Captain Pizza Goblin, near the Toppin cage.
    • In a pit before the barrel after the long water slide section and Cannon Goblinbots.
    • At the end of the long Cannon Goblinbot room, on top of the platform up the ladder.
    • During Pizza Time, next to the second priest the player encounters.
  • This is the only level where Pizza Tower Guy appears more than once.
  • This level, alongside GOLF, has the second highest score threshold for S ranks with a 23,000 point requirement, first being Secrets of The World.
  • This is the first level that introduces Piraneapple as a hazard when a player touches the dangerous water.





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