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Clownmato is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Clownmato is a bright red balloon tomato wearing clown makeup and a clown nose. He also has white gloves and shoes.


Clownmato bounces on the ground, only turning when colliding with walls. If the player touches it while not dashing or grabbing, they will slightly be bumped backwards. Clownmato cannot be scared at Mach 2.

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  • Clownmato is a reused enemy from Pizza Horror, a horror RPG game McPig attempted to make before making Pizza Tower that featured older designs of Pizza Tower characters.
  • Clownmato could had been scared due to them having scr_scareenemy in their object's Step Code. The reason they can't be scared is due to their scared sprite being set to their falling animation.
  • Clownmato was originally intended to be a more major character, as seen in very old pieces of concept art, but was later changed to just be a basic enemy instead.
  • Clownmato's behaviour used to be different:
    • In the April 2021 build, Clownmato could not be killed and would bounce the player upwards. Its animation was also different, but got reused as its landing animation
    • In the Rework build, Clownmato would leave balloons which float upwards. Touching a balloon would give the Clown transformation. Balloons explode into 2 cheese spikes after some time, in which touching would also give the player the Clown transformation.