Cannon Pizza Goblin

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Cannon Pizza Goblin is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


The appearance of Cannon Pizza Goblin is similar to the Pizza Box Goblin, however unlike the Pizza Box Goblin, he wears a red bandana, has a mustache and a goatee, and holds a portable cannon instead of a bomb.

A robotic variant of Cannon pizza Goblin can be found in the form of Cannon Goblinbot.


Cannon Pizza Goblin walks around and shoots cannonballs out of his cannon in a horizontal straight line.

Appears in

Chef Tasks

This enemy is tied with the following Chef Task:

Kill a cannon goblin with his own bomb in Crust Cove.



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  • Bombs thrown by Pizza Box Goblins in Demo 1 weren't affected by gravity, similarly to this enemy.
  • In the BeachandForestv1 build, they don't have a proper panic animation. Instead, they share the same one with the Pizza Box Goblin.
  • In the Online Level Editor, if a level is made so that the bombs fired from the Cannon Pizza Goblin come in contact with ground from below, the player can actually grab the bomb.


Regular animations