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The Bucket is a character and a gameplay element in Pizza Tower.


It is a gray metal bucket filled with water.


The Bucket is a NPC in Pizza Tower (specifically The Noise Update), and an element in gameplay.

The Bucket first appears as an NPC in the Slum, sitting in the place The Noise usually does.

It is then used a gameplay element in Peppibot Factory. Once the player enters Peppibot Factory, the Bucket will have followed them in. The Bucket will follow the player until they reach a set of outlets. The Bucket splashes the outlets with water and deactivating them, allowing The Noise to get through the section without getting hurt.

In WAR, The Bucket takes the place of Gustavo. The Bucket sits in place and once touched by the player, it will home in on the closest enemy and defeat them.

In The Crumbling Tower of Pizza, The Bucket is one of the few collectables and is situated near the treasure pedestal of GOLF.

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  • Right before its release, developers and playtesters posted on Twitter about the bucket to tease players about the upcoming The Noise Update.
    • McPig even showed a stock image of a bucket on the Ancient Aliens stream.