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Bee is an unused boss in Pizza Tower.


Bee, as the name implies, is an ordinary bee.

Boss Behaviour

Bee flies around the room. If the player touches it, they start moving around uncontrollably for a bit. The player can't hurt the bee in any direct way.

To defeat Bee, the player needs to press the button at the right moment to release gas, that will fly at set direction, and manage to hit the Bee with it. The gas clouds deal damage. After hitting Bee with gas clouds 8 times, the fight ends.


  • To enter the boss fight, the player needs to type "player_room boss_bee A" in the console.
  • Bee was originally going to be used as 4th boss, before being replaced by Fake Peppino.
  • As part of the placeholder sprites, there originally was very small image of Raid can. This sprite, however, was removed in the final game, unlike other placeholder sprites.
  • Bee was replaced by Fake Peppino as the 4th boss due to the boss fight seeming like a level gimmick instead of a fully fledged boss fight.