Bandito Chicken

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Bandito Chicken is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Bandito Chicken is a rotisserie chicken wearing a sombrero, with its eyes coming out of the hole where its head would be. Notably, it is walking on its wings, with its legs sticking up.


Bandito Chicken sleeps peacefully in place. If a player goes near it, it wakes up and starts fleeing and jumping around while throwing large thick explosive bones that can hurt the player upon landing and exploding.

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  • Before being given their current behavior, Bandito Chicken used to have a different behavior where it'd chase the player when waking up instead of running away. This was changed to the current behavior because it was too similar to that of the Mini John enemy.
  • Bandito Chicken used to drop small, normal bones which did not explode and would behave like a projectile, travelling in an arc. The exploding bone was also its high Heat Meter behavior earlier in development, but became its regular attack after Heat Meter behaviors were scrapped.
  • Before being sprited and programmed for the game, Bandito Chicken was, according to the Design Document, originally supposed to peck players off platforms, which implies that the enemy was originally going to be a live chicken instead of a rotisserie chicken.
  • The explosive bones that the Bandito Chicken throws out can kill other enemies, but cannot kill other Bandito Chickens. This can be seen in the Pizzaface boss fight if there a lot of them on the arena.
  • Bandito Chicken used to be able to be scared, using the panic animation as its scared animation.


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Audio Description
Bandito Chicken's sound when awakened by the player.