Bad Rat

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Bad Rat is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Bad Rat is a rat similar to the Stupid Rats encountered throughout the game, albeit with a dark blue tail, more oversized and pointier ears, messier whiskers, and googly eyes. Its nose is also rounder and black, with no visible nostrils.


Bad Rat crawls around. Once it spots the player, it will stare at the player and attack them by opening its mouth and lunging forwards and they will slide down on their face. If it misses, it will be stunned for a short time and then return to normal.

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  • Bad Rat uses Gustavo and Brick's animations as a placeholder in the Rework build. It also cannot be killed.
  • Bad Rat's stunned animation bears resemblance to Stupid Rat's idle animation, although this may be unintentional.
  • Bad Rat has it's own design as a Flush.


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